Teaching Room User Guide – Making a Recording

Teaching Room User Guide – Using the
AV Pod, Projector and Screen
Only use the touch panel: do not use power switches
3. Session end
2. During the session
1. Session start
Turn the projector
on and off.
If the touch panel is blank, press firmly to
wake up.
Select system shutdown from home
screen, and then yes on the shutdown
screen. This will not affect ongoing
Shutdown the
Select to
display the
camera view
on the
and bring up
Start up the Pod
To turn on the
pod, projector
and lower the
screen, select
system start.
Make a recording
To make a recording
without using the projector,
use the camera controls
and recording buttons and
follow the instructions
overleaf. This will show the
image on the pod screen
only and is ideal if you are
not teaching with slides etc.
Pod PC
Check the
PC is
turned on
and select
For telephone or in-person assistance, use the
phone on the pod and select Option 2
Connect a
laptop or
tablet to the
Pod Connect
your device
with the HDMI
or VGA cables
and select the
option from the
screen (you
may need an
Place your
object on the
surface and
select here to
Make a Recording
Select these
controls to make a
recording at any
time. You will need
to insert a USB
memory stick to the
plate beside the
touch panel.
To control the speaker
volume, use the arrows on
the panel edge. The
volume level displays on
the home screen.
Teaching Room User Guide – Using the
Visualiser and PowerPoint Remote
1. Using the visualiser
2. Using the PowerPoint Remote
Place a document on the working surface. Select the
visualiser option from the home screen and turn on the
visualiser by lifting camera arm.
The remote is kept in a fabric case next to the PC in the rack. The
remote operates when using PowerPoint slides and does not
control the touch screen or podium in any other way
Please remember to
write only on paper
and not on the
visualiser surface
Zoom in and out
using the wheel
Move slides
forwards and
On/off button
Launch the
Turn the light
on and off
Extern key – not
in operation
Freeze the
current image
Turn autofocus on
and off (please
leave this on). The
arrow beside the
key indicates if this
is on or off
Turn off the visualiser after use by lowering the camera arm
For telephone or in-person assistance, use the
phone on the pod and select Option 2
Laser pointer
Blank the screen
Turn off the remote after use with the button on the side.
Please put the remote back in it’s case and return to slot
beside the PC in the rack.
Teaching Room User Guide –
Making a Recording
3. To make a recording
1. Session Start
2. Control the Camera
If the touch panel is blank, press
firmly to wake up the system.
Please insert USB
The recorder status message will show
whether the system is:
• Capture Ready (system awaiting
USB stick insertion)
• USB Back Ready (USB stick inserted
and ready)
• Recording
• Stopping (i.e. wait until done)
• Done
Camera control can be changed at any time,
before or during recording, by selecting
camera controls from the welcome screen or
camera from the home screen.
from the
screen or
from the
Pan left,
right, up
Sometimes the message displayed is the last
action the system has undertaken, such as ‘USB
Back Removed’. Inserting a USB stick should
correct this.
For telephone or in-person assistance, use the
phone on the pod and select Option 2
Insert USB memory stick into the
input slot (on the top of the pod) until
it clicks – this must be USB 3.0
standard (contact the School if you
need a USB 3.0 memory stick).
Use the record, pause and stop
buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Using pause will temporarily halt
recording but not remove the
Recording screen message, (the pause
button will be highlighted). Press
record to resume.
Press buttons firmly and wait – the
system takes a moment to operate.
4. Finishing the Recording
When you have finished recording, press the stop
button, the Stopping screen message will appear
(i.e. wait until done).
When the home screen displays the message
Done you can remove your USB memory stick.
Leave the system as it is ready for the next user.
5. Playback the recording
To watch a recording, insert USB memory
stick into the pod PC (you cannot play
back via the surface-mounted USB slot).
Select the file you want to play by opening
My Computer from the Start Menu, then
navigating to the USB memory stick
folder. The file is time stamped with the
room, date and time of the recording.
The file should open in MPC-HC player
which provides the best playback quality

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