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The Power of Cloud Productivity
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Business Benefits of Moving to the Cloud
Potential to cut
operational and
technology costs
Get up and running
quickly and easily
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Business Challenges
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Exchange Online
Exchange Online provides the full capabilities of Exchange Server 2010
Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid
Access Virtually
Rich experience across
desktop, web, and phone
Protection and
Integrated archiving and
e-discovery capabilities
Visibility and Control
Powerful and easy-to-use
management tools
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Create Sites to Share Documents and
Information with Colleagues and Customers
My Sites
Team Sites
Intranet Sites
Share and manage personal
documents and information
Keep teams in sync and
manage important projects
Keep everyone up to date with
company news and information
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Lync Online—Connect with People in New Ways
IM and
Lync Meetings
Voice and Video
PC to PC
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Office 2010 Delivers More
The best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser
Work Better
Collaboration without
Bring Ideas
to Life
Insights from information
Use Office
Virtually Anywhere
The Practical
Productivity Platform
PC, phone, and browser
Security, manageability, and
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Seamless mobile access through Exchange ActiveSync™
Support for popular mobile devices
Remote device wipe, security policies, and quarantine controls
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Office 2010 delivers the best productivity experience
Stay productive with familiar Microsoft
Office applications your employees
Read, edit, share documents and notes
from the Office Hub on Windows Phone
7. Access mail, contacts, calendar from
the device of your choice
View and edit documents from anywhere
with Office Web Apps available across a
broad range of browsers
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Best productivity experience on the PC
conversation view
for easy email
social news feed
in Outlook™
offline access keeps you
productive anywhere
Office applications on PCs and Macs
Get things done faster and more easily
Express ideas with stunning content
Always productive, online or offline with rich Office
desktop applications. Combine business and
social networking with Outlook social connector
Office Backstage view provides a rich and
intuitive set of commands to work more
Video and photo editing features helps trim
videos, adjust color and add artistic effects
all within PowerPoint™
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Best productivity experience on the phone
view and add comments in
Word and Excel
view and edit docs
on SharePoint
sync notes
over the air
Office hub brings it all together
Read, edit, and share documents all in one place
on Windows Phone 7. Take notes with text,
pictures, and voice with OneNote™
access SharePoint
sites, lists, and libraries
Collaborate with SharePoint
Always have access to the latest document
version with SharePoint Workspace Mobile
Cross-platform support
Access mail, contacts, calendar, and SharePoint
sites from hundreds of devices including Nokia,
Android, iPhone and BlackBerry
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Best productivity experience in the browser
web applications with
cross-browser support
high-fidelity viewing
experience on browser
in real
anyone to
slice and
dice data
Office Web Apps from anywhere
View and edit documents with Office Web Apps
across a broad range of browsers (Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)
Make light edits together with others
Multiple authors can simultaneously edit
different sections of same server document
Take content on a round trip
Maintain content and format as you take
content across PC, phone, and browser
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Office 365 security and reliability
99.9% Financially Backed SLA
Risk-based, multidimensional
The Security Program aims to define
security requirements applicable to
people, processes and technology
Privacy practices that
support global standards
World class
data centers
The Privacy Program is designed to enable
consistent "high bar“ privacy practices
following global standards for data handling
and transfer
$2.3B+ Investment in Geo-Redundant
Data Centers, located in North America,
Europe, and Asia
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Office 365 keeps you efficient and in control
Federated identity and Role-based
single sign-on
Different identity options for your
organization, including full support for
single sign on with the cloud
Remote PowerShell and fall through
experience to specific services to gain
similar server configuration control
More granular role base access for
administrators, partners and end users
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Office 365 is extensible
web services
Office 365
New programmability layer allowing third
parties to interact with platform
Helps you find partner applications and services
to complement the Office 365 platform
Connect your platform with applications
developed for Azure
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Office 365 allows you to live in a hybrid world
Workload migration
User migration
Single licensing
Move or extend on-premises workloads to
the cloud at your pace, move back from
cloud to on-premises at will
Keep some users on-line and some users onpremises or keep them all in a single
Supports all scenarios, to help you
optimize costs and transition when it make
sense for your business
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Office 365 provides enterprise grade support
Partner ecosystem
and community
The Service Health Dashboard provides
current information about the service
status accessible on the Web or via RSS
24x7 phone or online accessible IT-level support
dedicated to Office 365
Broad community of 16,000+ WW
partners and online community forums
available to help you
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Office 365 supports a diverse enterprise workforce
Low cost offering
to users that
do not have
messaging and
capabilities today
Kiosk worker offer
500 MB mailbox
Outlook Web App only
POP support
Messaging, calendar, contacts
Forefront™ antivirus and anti-spam
SharePoint Access (0 MB storage)
Site search capabilities
Office Web Apps
Information worker offer
25 GB mailbox
500 MB SharePoint storage
Client connectivity
Lync capabilities
Exchange and SharePoint capabilities
Office Professional Plus
On-premises access rights
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Next Steps
Evaluate how the Enterprise Agreement can help make your transition to the cloud easier and cost efficient
Start evaluating your business case for Office 365 and how you can best serve the different needs of your
user groups
Understand how Office 365 will work in your IT environment and if you can meet Office 365 system
requirements today
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Enterprise Agreement Evolution
The updated EA provides new flexibility to transition users
online in a single agreement
Updated Enterprise Agreement
Transition to Online Services at your own pace
No service cost in the year a user transitions from on premises software
Move users back and forth between on-premise and Online Services
Match and adjust service plans to meet user needs
Respond to changes in your workforce size
Single Agreement for on Premise and Online Services
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