London and Southeast Group Meeting Workshop 24/11/12
Being accessible: you, your student
and free Assistive Technology
Jamie Crabb & Atif Choudhury
Today’s Goal:
Discuss and demonstrate FREE Assistive Technology
software (Freeware) similar to software that students
receive through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
• My Study Bar:
• Text-to-Speech (built in to
Operating system)
• Natural Reader (Text-toSpeech)
• Zotero
- X-Mind (Mindmapping)
- Orato & Balabolka (Text-toSpeech)
• Ginger Software (Contextual
Spell Checker / Proofreader)
• Zotero – Referencing and
• Ginger – Google Chrome
Plug-in (MAC & PC)
Logon to ‘Guest’ Wifi:
Account 1 (10 people)
Username = guest0519304
Password = uoqg8092
Account 2 (10 people)
Username = guest2905983
Password = dyvu6052
Word Document with Download Links:
My Study Bar
My study bar download (Windows only):
X-Mind can be used for:
• note-taking – mapping key ideas when
• brainstorming ideas
• planning, structuring and writing
essays - keeping an eye on the ‘big
picture’ to avoid repetition
(example – mapping reading)
• Export to HTML & open with Word
X-Mind direct download (PC & MAC):
Orato/Balabolka* - can be used for:
• Reading - emails, internet articles, MS Word and
accessible PDF documents using a synthesised
• Proof-reading** – visually scan and listen
(example – website/document)
*Free voices are available:
**Hunspell spell checker plug-in:
MAC Text-to-Speech & Natural Reader
Natural Reader (MAC & PC): /
Accessible Scanning Software: OCR
• What is Optical Character Recognition, or OCR?
Most scanners can only create an image or a snapshot
of a document – it doesn’t recognise it as text…
In order to create a scanned PDF document that is
accessible OCR software is necessary which can detect
letters and words from the original document...
FreeOCR (PC Only)
Free OCR Online (PC & MAC)
Referencing & Citation Manager
Build a personalised database of sources!
This is a FREE application!
3 main types of sources students cite:
Book Publications
(example of each &
creating in text citations &
& Word Plugins:
Built into Firefox browser or standalone version that works with Safari and Google Chrome
“Being dyslexic Zotero was an extremely useful tool in helping me categorise and organise my
research. It made the complexity of referencing so much simpler, helped me in being more
efficient and meant I had more time to focus on my writing!”
MA Applied Theatre Student
Ginger Software
Free Contextual Spelling & Grammar Software
Ginger Software (PC Only):
Ginger Chrome / Safari Plugin (Mac & PC):
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