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Developer Program Services
Presenter: Jason Spangler
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• Discuss the Developer Program
– Review online guides and tutorials available
through Niagara Central
– Review the Niagara AX Developer Certification
program and course materials
– Discuss the benefits of joining the Tridium
Developer Support program
• Review of Tridium Professional Services
– Our business model and development
– Advantages of using Professional Services
What is the Developer Program?
• The Developer Program includes all means of
reaching out to the developer community
– Online Study Guides, Code Samples, and Quick
Reference guides available through Niagara Central
demonstrate core concepts of developing on the Niagara
– Niagara AX Developer Certification course covers all core
concepts of the Niagara Framework
– The Developer Support Agreement provides a formal
relationship between development shops and Tridium for
access to support, pre-release versions of Niagara, and
pricing list for JACE hardware and Supervisor software
Online Guides and Code Samples
• Study Guides available through the Niagara Central
website provide detailed explanations of core
concepts of the Niagara Framework
– Step by step exercises demonstrate how to use the Niagara API
to perform specific tasks.
– Each guide includes solution source code which may be
downloaded from the site
• Quick Reference guides provide quick lookup style posts
on specific coding topics, such as writing to a BIFile or
creating a BTable
• All guides, source code files, and quick reference topics
are freely available to the public – simply visit the
Niagara Central site and navigate to the Knowledge
Developer Program Services Home
Developer Certification
• The Niagara AX Developer Certification course covers in
depth all core concepts of developing drivers and
applications on the Niagara framework
– A week long course which provides extensive exercises for
hands-on learning.
– Topics include working with the Component model,
Component Slots, the Subscription model, Module and Driver
development, Workbench Views, and Web Application
– The final day of the course is reserved for a certification
exam. Anyone who passes the exam will receive certification.
– Anyone may attend the course, though Java developers will
benefit the most.
– Register for any course through the Tridium University
website .
Developer Coursework
Developer Support
• The Developer Support Agreement is a formal
relationship between Tridium and a developer
– Organizations who have a support agreement may access prerelease versions of Niagara for development purposes.
– JACE hardware and Supervisor software designated as
development platforms owned by the organization can have
licenses freely upgraded.
– Organizations may purchase development JACE and Supervisor
platforms direct from Tridium if they do not have an existing
– Members may acquire phone and email support for questions
about working with the API.
• To arrange a Developer Support Agreement, contact our
Professional Services team at
[email protected]
Tridium Professional Services
• The Professional Services team at Tridium is
available for creating custom solutions for your
business needs.
– Our team specializes both in creating Niagara enterprise
solutions for large site deployments as well new product
software solutions (appliances, drivers, applications).
– Our customer base includes customers with enterprise
integrations of many sites, plants, and applications, as well
as Niagara Community partners and customers wanting
help in creating a new or next generation product for
markets they server built on the Niagara platform.
– We offer services to maintain and support the solution or
product over the product life-cycle; supporting first tier
customer support engineers, assessing reported issues,
and preparing and issuing bug fixes as necessary.
PS - Our Business Model
• We can architect and create the solution or product you
envision to meet your requirements using the best
Niagara development practices.
• We can maintain the solution or product to keep it
current with the latest releases of the Niagara
Framework (such as the upcoming Niagara 4 release).
• We can support the solution or product over the full
product life-cycle.
• We can continue to improve upon the solution or product
to meet ever changing requirements and new technology
• We use an Evergreen Professional Services Agreement
and Statement of Work agreement (plus change orders
as new requirements arise), and round it out with an
annual maintenance agreement and an optional annual
support agreement.
PS - Our Staff
• We have Niagara solution / product architects that
can apply their significant experience for you.
• We have an experienced & flexible group of
Niagara developers / programmers to staff the team
to get your product developed and tested.
• We have a flexible group of Niagara technical
support staff to support your first tier customer
support technicians, assess reported issues,
prepare and issue bug fixes.
PS - Development Methodology
• We have an Agile development model where we
can provide multiple products drops with completed
feature sets to assist you to get to market early (and
possibly add functionality on frequent intervals as
features / capabilities are built out).
• You are involved as product owners and we are
involved as technology experts and product
• We thoroughly test the solution before you get it.
• Then we support your team to support your
customers to do beta testing, product introduction,
and multi-year product roll-out and support.
The Professional Services Advantage
• We provide experienced Niagara solution architects,
developers, and testers at a percentage of the cost to
build, train, and maintain an internal team for
development and sustaining over the life-cycle of your
product or solution.
• If you take advantage of the full-service offering we
make available, your product can stay as timely & onthe-mark as the first day you introduce it… it does not
have to get dated or leapfrogged by the competition.
The Professional Services Advantage
• Is our Professional Services model the right fit for
your organization?
– Do you appreciate that tech products must be kept
current & sustained throughout their life cycle?
– Do you want to build solutions or products for
customers on which you can create a recurring
revenue model for your business while keeping them
current with technology and performance?
– Do you want to take advantage of an experienced
engineering services provider (with benefits
comparable to an SaaS model… avoiding the high
cost of sustaining a development team year after
• To get started on your next project, contact our
Professional Services team at
[email protected]

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