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Your essential IT & technology
survival guide
IT access for all students!
• All matriculated QMU students get IT
What’s it for???
• Use your student IT account to:
Access the QMU student desktop on campus.
Internet & wireless access on campus.
O! timetable system.
Student portal
• You can also use your account to access
the QMU remote desktop service.
Student desktop login
Student portal –
WebCT –
O! timetable –!web
Want access??
• You need 2 things:
– Username
– Password
6 facts about passwords
• Expire every 60 days.
• Must be 7 characters or longer.
• Need a combination of 3 of these:
Upper case letters (A, B, C etc)
Lower case letters (a, b, c etc)
Numbers (1, 2, 3 etc)
‘Special’ characters (£, $, @ etc)
• Can’t be the same as your username.
• Can’t contain your full name or part of your name.
• A ‘good’ password might look like this – [email protected]
Forgotten your password?
• Contact the LRC service desk:
– Email – [email protected]
– Phone – +44 (0)131 474 0000 and ask for “LRC service desk”
– In person – go to the service desk, near the front of the LRC
NB: You’ll need your QMU student number
• If you’re on campus, go to any thin client terminal and
click on the Student Password Reset option. You will
need to know the answers to your security questions –
you should have set these up when you matriculated.
“But I want to use my Gmail account instead”
• You should be able to access any personal email
accounts that offer web-based services.
• However, all messages relating to your studies will
only be sent to your QMU email account.
• You need to logon and check your QMU email
7 QMU systems you will use
QM:u – the student portal –
WebCT –
Webmail –
Citrix remote access –
O! timetable -!Web/
ePortfolio –
Library catalogue -
• You will be able to attend sessions to learn about WebCT &
ePortfolio, the Library catalogue and accessing your timetable
during your induction week.
Printing, copying and scanning on campus
• Students can print, copy and
scan on campus using MFD , or
Multi Function Devices.
• You will be charged for every
sheet that you print or copy.
• Scanning is free.
• You will find MFDs in the LRC and
the atrium areas.
• Find information on how to use
the MFDs here.
6 facts about your student card
• Your student smartcard is your
gateway to QMU. Your smartcard:
– is your ID card.
– gives you access to the academic
building and the halls of residence.
– is also your Library / LRC card for
borrowing resources.
– lets you release your print and copy
jobs on the MFDs
– is used to purchase print and cashless
vending credit.
– is used for cashless purchasing from
the Students Union, LRC, Food for
Thought and University shop.
About Add Value Machines (AVMs)
• You can add credit to your smartcard in
several ways:
– Add cash (UK currency only) at an AVM machine
on campus.
– Use your credit or debit card to top up at the
AVM at Reception in the Academic building.
– Top up online via PayPal or WorldPay.
• Instructions for how to use the AVM machines
are on posters beside the AVMs.
• Find out more here.
Want to use your own computer on campus?
• You can use your own computer on campus.
• You can connect to the QM Wireless service throughout
the campus and in the halls.
• Both wireless and ‘wired’ connections are available in
the halls.
• You can also connect to your QMU email with a mobile
Working off campus
• The Citrix Access Gateway or Citrix Remote
Desktop is a method of connecting to the
QMU network remotely.
• The service replicates the thin-client desktop
that is available on any campus based
• It is aimed at users who have a broadband or
other high speed connections to the internet
and who need access to their QMU
applications and files.
6 facts about Citrix Remote Access
• Citrix Remote Access lets you run a “virtual desktop”
that gives you access to:
– QMU email via Microsoft Outlook.
– All QMU networked applications which are available
to you on campus.
– All your files on your QMU Z:\ drive (home directory).
– Files in any QMU shared drive (G:\ drive).
– The QMU intranet.
– All electronic resources that are available on
• Click here for more information.
Got a question??
• Then search the
QMU FAQ service
for the answer.
Need help with IT & technology?
• Contact the LRC service desk:
– Email – [email protected]
– Phone – +44 (0)131 474 0000
• Ask for “LRC service desk”
– In person – go to the service desk
• It’s near the front of the LRC
• Our Technology Training site on the QMU intranet has
everything from handy tips and tricks through to selfpaced training courses.
– NB – You need to be a matriculated QMU student to
access the intranet.

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