UNSOM 2015 Budget Training

FY 2015 Budget Instructions
February 18, 2014
• 9:00AM – 9:30AM: 2015 Budget Overview – Jean Regan/Valerie
– Budget Timeline
– General Overview and Instructions
• 9:30AM – 10:30AM: UNSOM Budget Module – Missy Stahlke
• 10:30AM – 12:00PM: Clinical Budget Training & CMS Instructions –
Kim Quinn
• 12:00 – 12:30 – Lunch
• 12:30 – 1:15 Administration and Basic Sciences & Doug and Jean
overview on PCP
• 1:15 - 2:00 Self-Supporting Budget Training – Valerie Pedroza
February 18, 2014
February 18-March 6, 2014
March 6, 2014
February 19, 2014
March 3, 2014
February 10 – March 15, 2014
March ??, 2014
April 4, 2014
April 11, 2014
April 15, 2014
April 21, 2014
May 1, 2014
June 2014
Budget Module Opened for input
Training conducted in Las Vegas and Reno
Training completed
Self Supporting Budgets prepared in the budget module
Estimates for state and CMS funds to departments
Department Meetings with Senior Associate Dean and
Budget Personnel for all departments if desired.
Merit Amounts provided to departments
Administration Department Budgets due including self
supporting / Budget tool closed
Basic Science Department Budgets due including self
supporting / Budget tool closed
Merit steps finalized for CY13 to UNR HR
Clinical Department Budgets due including self supporting /
Budget tool closed
Self Supporting Budgets due to UNR PBA
Clinical budgets presented to SREC and NREC for
Budget Overview
• Start now! Timeline will be strictly adhered to!
• All budgets to be entered into the web-based Budget
Module, which will be available after this training.
• For self-supporting budgets, please prepare them in
the budget module and are due the same day as all
other budgets.
• Kim Quinn/ Val Pedroza /Missy Stahlke will be your
contacts on UNSOM and self-supporting budgets.
• Kim Quinn will oversee Practice Plan budget
Budget Overview (continued)
State Funds
– Overall state funding to the UNSOM is assumed to remain flat.
– However, department allocations may be different.
– State fund allocations are anticipated to be decided by March 3.
– Departments previously funded using soft (non state funds) will be budgeted on state.
– As in the past, you do not need to budget for fringe costs on state funds; B&F will do that part for
– Vacancy Savings will be held back this year
– Salary reduction information
• Legislative Action:
– 2015 – furlough reductions to 6 days
– 2015 – Reinstatement of merit
– Please budget salaries at full amount. Reductions will be calculated automatically.
– Do not budget any merit, these funds will be provided later
– State funding requests for graduate students, post docs, fellows, chief residents or LOAs require a
special written request. Every effort to find alternative funding is strongly encouraged.
– For new positions (faculty or staff), a short business justification is required.
Budget Overview (continued)
• Practice Plan/Clinical Departments
– Each clinical department will be responsible to
prepare their practice plan budget.
– Capital requests should be included, which will need
to be separately submitted with a business plan.
– Business plans are also required for new clinical
initiatives or the addition of new clinical locations.
– Kim Quinn will oversee budget development. David
Rencher, Sandra Deleon, Iain Buxton and Jim Parcells
will serve as primary reviewers for their respective
Budget Overview (continued)
• Basic Sciences
– As mentioned earlier, in March each department will
receive their anticipated amount of state funds.
– Budgets will not be required for
salaries/fringe/operating expected to be paid with
salary savings. Leave state funds on the faculty
member salary line.
– PCP is not to be budgeted in the budget module.
• Administration
– As with other departments, administration will be
given their state allocation in March.
Starting the Process
• How to Budget Employees (Valerie)
– Budget Module data currently reflects mid
January 2014 budgeted positions.
– Use this information to begin employee
• Departments are responsible for budgeting all
Starting the Process (continued)
• Information available on UNSOM Budget Module
FY 2014 Actual expenses through December 2013
FY 2013 Actual expenses
FY 2014 Actual revenue through December 2013
FY 2013 Actual revenue
All current employee information through January 16, 2014,
with the exception of account information. You will be
responsible for entering all employee account numbers for FY
– Employee contract information reflects what is current. Please
review and update as needed.
– Practice Plan employees were imported.
– Physician salaries under Practice Plan are blank and need to be
budgeted from “scratch.”
Budget Module Overview
• How to register?
– Contact Missy Stahlke (contact info at end) to register
– Must be approved to access Budget Module
• How to access?
– https://bud.medicine.nevada.edu
– Link is also available on the Office of Budget and Finance Website
• http://www.medicine.nevada.edu/budget/
• Browser
– It is highly recommended to user Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
– Internet Explorer 9 should be the last choice
– Login using your username and password
Budget Module (continued)
• What it is and what it is not
– It is a web application (or website) designed to
streamline budgeting efforts of UNSOM
– It is not a replacement of UN HR system
– It operates independently from UN HR system
Missy Stahlke, Budget Analyst
PH: 775-682-5221
[email protected]
Valerie Pedroza, Budget Analyst
PH: 775-784-6212
[email protected]
Kim Quinn, Controller
PH: 775-784-6214
[email protected]

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