havbed 3 - the Tennessee Department of Health

• When the State Receives the Alert that the
HAvBed has been activated the state must
acknowledge receipt of the alert within 15
– Call (202) 619-7800
– Email [email protected]
• The State has 4 Hrs to completely update
Available and Staffed Bed Counts.
– There may ongoing update requirement if the event is
ongoing, The frequency is no more than twice a day
Important Links to Accomplish
• https://hrts.tn.gov
– The HRTS Production Page
• https://havbed.hhs.gov/v3/
– The Havbed Production Page
• http://health.state.tn.us/TEMARR/index.shtml
– The TEMARR Landing Page
• HRTS Administration
Select the Current bed Availability by Region for HAVBED
the report below is produced for the user. You can print the report or save it in excel. You’ll use
this to report data to Havbed. Print it and have it available when you log into HavBed to preform
the updates
Havbed v3
Select View/Edit Bed Availability
Expand Tennessee. Use the
You have to expand 3 times until you get to edit
You have to expand 3 times until you see the TN EMS Region you want to Edit. It’s a hot link click
it and the beds and service page will come up
This is a view screen select Edit “Top Right” to go into edit mode
The Red “edit Bed Counts” lets you know you are in Edit Mode” . On this page you
edit Available bed counts and staff bed counts, Use the check boxes below to indicate
which hospitals are part of the update, For us just select all
Once your done select save changes and repeat this process for all 8 regions. Remember to have
your HRTS report with you to update bed counts
HavBed Sequence to Edit/Update Beds
Repeat Steps for All 8 EMS Regions
The is the HavBed Home page “Manage user” is where you go to add and modify users.
Click Manage Users to add or modify current users

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