FY 2014-2015 Budget Presentation to Board of Finance

FY 2014-2015
Budget Presentation to
Board of Representative
Fiscal Committee
Department of Health and Social Services
Anne T. Fountain, MPH, Director
April 21, 2014
Summary of Operating
Budget Request
Total Funding Request FY 14-15 (All
Change from FY 13-14 Adopted
Human Capital/Personnel FY 14-15
(All Activities)
Change from FY 13-14 Adopted
Operating Budget
Request by Activity
Activity Name
Starting Page
FY 14-15 Mayor’s
FY 13-14
$ Change
% Change
Dir. of Health
PS Health Prgm
Pri & Par
Health Prgm
Comm Nursing
Inspection Srvs
Liberation Prgm
Social Services
Welfare Div
Operational Highlights
Distribute Department e-newsletter monthly.
Maintain an average 99% on all proficiency testing samples submitted to our laboratory
by the American Society of Bioanalyst Proficiency testing services.
Laboratory obtained certification from the CT DPH to test drinking water for
bacteria/inorganic chemistry testing.
Completed SNAP (School Nurse Assistant Program) implementation in public schools and
now implementing with the dental program.
Increased the number of children receiving dental prophylaxis and fluoride treatment.
We have dedicated one fulltime nurse to nursery schools and their population, and
nursing services redistribution continues.
Collaborate with other community health providers and private physicians regarding the
2014 State regulations for school entry immunizations and physicals.
Broaden the scope of Environmental office duty to cover wider range of environmental
programs by adding a second inspector, that has oversight in different mandated
services; and to service the public during the same time as Zoning, Building, EPB and Fire.
Reorganized the Environmental division to increase efficiency and productivity inspectors have been divided into teams that have multiple contacts who can assist the
public. (Housing, Lead, Food, Beauty/Salon, and Massage).
Social Services increased awareness of eviction auctions by sending e-mail blast to local
agencies that could benefit from household items. (This also increases the revenue to
offset the cost of eviction storage and removal).
Developed a collaborative to assist at-risk seniors with services to remain safely in their
Financial Highlights
• The Department of Health and Social Services total funding
requested is $8,800,971
 A 15.16% ($1,333,803) increase relative to the FY 2013-2014 budget.
 Of that ($1,043,460) is contributed to the Classified Pension, OPEB
contribution and Classified 401 Match (was not included in previous
year budget).
• The current request reflects changes in personnel relative
to FY 2013-2014.
 Salary increases per union contracts
 Two Public School Nurses were hired for the increase of special needs
students during 2013/14 school calendar year. (reimbursement from
the BOE)
 Two fulltime employees for Social Services (Casework Aide and
Outreach Coordinator)
• Other request reflects changes in overtime relative to FY
 Implementation of a new food training program that would increase
the revenue to offset the overtime cost.
Cost Management
• The following strategies ensure that the department
operates within the allocated budget
 Limited use of overtime with required prior approval
 Employees are not allowed to work beyond the normal work day
without prior approval. This prevents the unnecessary use of overtime
 Monthly expenditure reviews, with immediate action to adjust spending
 For FY 2014–2015 we are exploring the possibility of using split shift for
inspectors to provide evening coverage and further decrease overtime
expense. This will require Union and H.R. approval.
 Researching and applying for Grant funding to support Public Health
 We are going to propose an increase in service fees.
Significant Requests for
• Staffing increase to sustain social services.
• Increase in revenue by implementing a new Food Safety
Training Program for City food establishments.
Health and Social Services Departmental Mandates
Well Water Testing of 750 wells under Local Ordinance, provide testing for pesticides.
Relocation: CT General Statute Chapter 135 sections 8-266-8-282
Relocation lien: CT General Statute Chapter 135 sections 8-270a
Eviction Storage: CT General Statute Chapter 832 section 47a-42 & 47a-42a
Fair Rent: CT General Statute Chapter 7-148b, Stamford Municipal Code – Chapter 6 article II sections 6.6-6.11.4
Renter’s Rebate: CT General Statue Chapter 98 sections 12-170d-h & 12-170bb
Food Service: State of Connecticut Public Health (DPH) Code and the City of Stamford Code of Ordinances Chapter 132
Housing Code: The CT State General Statues, Section 47a and Chapter 146 of the Stamford City Code of Ordinances
Microwave Antennas: Chapter 160 of the Stamford City Code of Ordinances
Subsurface Sewage Disposal: Through chapter 200 of the Stamford City Code of Ordinances and the Public Health Code of the State
of Connecticut, §19-13-B100a; §19-13-B103; the Technical Standards, (pursuant to §19-13-B103)
Refuse and Pesticide Trucks: Stamford City Code of Ordinances chapters 137 and 227
Inspections, Salons: The Stamford City Code of Ordinances Chapter 141-5
Inspections, Schools: Connecticut State Public Health Code Section 19-13-B30
Day Care Centers: General Statues of State of Connecticut 19a-82
Water Quality/Drinking Water: The State of CT Public Health Code Sections 19-13-B51a to 19-13-B51m
Well Water Testing of Private Wells: Stamford City Code of Ordinances
Reportable Disease Information: Required to submit information to the CT DPH and keep record of local reportable disease information
sent to Stamford.
Lead Prevention: Stamford City Code Chapter 146-27.1
Massage Establishment: Stamford City Code chapter 159 and General Statutes of the State of Connecticut
Weights and Measures: Stamford City Code of Ordinances Chapter 244
Complaint Investigations: State Statutes, Connecticut Public Health Code or of the City Code of Ordinances (various)
Swimming Pools: General Statutes of the State of Connecticut
Beaches & Shellfish Beds: Connecticut Public Health Code
Mosquito and Vector Control: Connecticut Public Health Code, General Statues of the State of Connecticut and the Stamford Code of
Tuberculosis (TB): State of CT Public Health Code 19A-36-A1 thru A24 and CT Statues Chapter 368G section: 19A-250 thru 19A-265.
Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD): CT General Statutes - By contract with CT Dept. of Public Health required to interrupt, prevent
transmission, and treat and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Immunization program: CT General Statutes - By contract with CT Dept. of Public Health required to conduct an immunization program
to increase immunization levels among children.
School Nursing Services: CT General Statutes requires school nursing services to provide; maintain cumulative health records; collect,
review and assess the mandated health physicals and vaccine records for schools. School Nursing: Perform mandated screenings,
referrals and follow-up.

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