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EYFS Bite-size Training
Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring
and using media and materials
Aims and outcomes
Participants to:
• know the early learning goal in relation to exploring and using media
and materials
understand how to interact with children to aid their development
in exploring and using media and materials
know what resources will support children in exploring and using
media and materials
gain confidence in planning for this area of learning and
development for children of different ages and stages
In advance
Before the training session you will have read Handout 1: What
quality looks like in practice: Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring
and using media and materials.
If you have not read the handout please inform the trainer.
Step 1 (5 -10 mins)
Read the early learning goal relating to exploring and using media and
‘Children sing songs, make music and dance, and experiment with ways of
changing them. They safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools
and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and
Think about what the early learning goal means for you in practice.
With a partner, choose three things which you do in practice to feed back to
the whole group.
Exploring and using media and materials in
Step 2 (10 mins)
In groups of 3 or 4 – (groups for the under 3s and 3-5s) discuss the following
Under 3s
1. Are all staff aware of the importance of allowing babies, toddlers and young
children to explore media and materials in their own way, without being concerned
about an end product?
2. Could we improve the way in which the indoor and outdoor environments are
planned to make the most of opportunities for encouraging children to experiment
with the visual and performing arts and design technology?
1. Do all practitioners have the skills and confidence to help children develop their
skills, understanding and techniques in using paint, clay, fabrics, instruments, tools and
2. How regularly do we review the quality of the materials and equipment which we
provide for children to use to ensure that they can extend their learning in this area?
Feed back your ideas to your trainer
Step 3 (5-10 mins)
Thinking about what you read in Handout 1 and what you have learned
today, work on your own to plan an activity which focuses on children’s
development in this area of learning.
Share your ideas with a colleague.
After the training
After the training use Handout 3: Individual Action Plan to plan three or four
things you will do in the next two weeks to improve your provision for
Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and using media and materials.
Give your action plan to your trainer in the next seven days.
After the training cont...
Use Handout 2: Environment Audit to check you have the right resources in
your room base to enhance children’s understanding of exploring and using
media and materials.
Make a note of any resources which need to be replaced.
Hand in the completed audits to your trainer.

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