Mu Lambda Rho Public Relations Campaign

Public Relations Campaign
December 6th 2013
• Goals of this Public
Relations Campaign
• Increase awareness
about the fraternity.
• New to campus.
• Unique Qualities.
• Key Messages
• Serious about Service.
• Serious about fun.
• The Christmas angel tree
activity was designed to
showcase the goal of
• Angel Tree Program
• Pick up paper angel
that has information
on who the person is
and what they want.
• Raise money to go
buy the items.
• Return the items
wrapped to a location
to have delivered to
• The Dead President’s
party was an activity to
showcase that Mu
Lambda Rho is also
about fun.
• Takes place on
President’s Day.
• Come dressed as a
favorite past president
or first lady.
• Cash reward.
• Dancing, games, and
The goal of this event is to inform students about the
types of fun the fraternity has as well as promote the
The Brochure contains historical background, a quote from the president,
contact information, pictures, and facts about the organization.
The goal of this brochure is to give general information about the fraternity.
• This states the general facts
about Mu Lambda Rho
• Founding Date
• Membership Fee
• Service
• Values
The Goal of the Fact Sheet is to
inform campus about the
general facts of the
Speech to be given at the Dead Presidents
It will start off with a thank you for all members and
student body coming out to support Mu Lambda Rho.
He will then give a short spill about what Mu Lambda Rho
is and a short and sweet summary of what Mu Lambda
Rho stands for and values of the organization.
The speech will continue with him giving information
about next semester’s Rush Week and invite students who
came to the party to come out to Rush Mu Lambda Rho if
they’re interesting in becoming a Rhonian.
Next, he will briefly mention a service opportunity of how
students can give back to the Monmouth Community by
participating in Christmas Tree Angels and explain what
the program is about.
Lastly, he will thank members and student body for
coming out and continue to have a great time.
Goal: Get organizations name out there and get the student
body talking about Mu Lambda Rho beyond the party.
President – Garret
Daniel, born in 1991 in
Chicago, IL. Attended HS
at Flossmoor. Attended
Monmouth for
academics and track.
Started Mu Lambda Rho
to have something
Public Relations – Kevin
Bennett, born in Chicago,
Illinois. Attended HS at
Providence St. Mel. Attended
Monmouth because of the
academics and money. Joined
Mu Lambda Rho to be more
involved on campus.
Vice President – Natasha
Mables, born in 1992 in Chicago,
IL. Attended HS at Trinity.
Involved in many Extra
Curricular activities. Attended
Monmouth for the small class
vibe and academics. Started Mu
Lambda Rho to leave behind a
The goal of the Op-Ed piece was to
give the organizations feelings on
an important issue. An issue Mu
Lambda Rho feels strongly about is
• Service done on Campus
• Xi Marks the Spot
• Dorm Storming
• Service done in the community
• Saturday of Service
• Prime Beef Festival
• Service done nationally
• Campus wide event to raise money for

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