Public Health AdMIT 2007 Software Overview

admissions management made easy
What is PharmAdMIT?
What’s New in PharmAdMIT?
WebAdMIT Preview
What is PharmAdMIT?
Complementary admissions management software that
works with PharmCAS.
What does PharmAdMIT do?
Over 80 PharmCAS Schools use PharmAdMIT to:
Track applicant statuses
Correspond with applicants
Calculate custom GPA’s
Score and rank applicants
Graphs, XLS, and ERP’s
the Mailings
Mailings into PharmAdMIT?
Sign into Admissions Portal.
Click on History under Mailings.
Find Mailing to download, double click
on printer icon.
Save zip file to Network folder.
What’s New in PharmAdMIT
Ability to Load 2010 Format – Only need to add new fields
Saving loads of time
Internal School ID
A new Custom field for the school to manually enter
information as they see fit. Field will be exportable.
Enhancement Full Applicant List
Order by Current Status
Printable Applicant Summaries
Multi-page, ready-to-print, summary of an applicant’s
demographics, education, grades, tests, and scores.
Enhancement New Reference Tab
Reference Information in Detail
Select the role that best describes your primary relationship with the
applicant. How long have you known the applicant?
Updates for New Ethnicity Codes
Ability to create filters, lists, and reports using the new
PharmCAS race and ethnicity groups.
What is WebAdMIT?
Combines the functions of PharmAdMIT and the
Admissions Officers Portal into a Single Online Tool
Admissions Management Workflow Tools
Real-time applicant access, school defined admissions
statuses, and onscreen activity channels to easily
manage admissions cycles.
Paperless Access to Applicant Documents
Easy to read PDF versions of applications, evaluations,
and other key documents stored online for access.
Supplemental Requirements Tracking
Track and report on each school’s supplemental
requirements and prerequisite course requirements.
School Specific GPA Calculations
View verified coursework in a standardized electronic
transcript and create customized GPAs by subject areas,
academic levels, or individual classes.
Create ERP Friendly Exports and Reports
Create export files and reports with the data elements,
applicants, and file format that your school needs to
compare applicants or build bridges to ERP systems.
For Questions, Training, and Support
AdMIT Support team: 716.204.0464, option 7
Chris Ferraraccio (ext. 2109)
David Potocki (ext. 2119)
Michael Gilbert (ext. 2107)
Dan Charlesworth (ext. 2121)
[email protected]

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