Leadership Summit Session 3: Planning for Success in SLA

Leadership Summit
Session 3: Planning for
Success in SLA Leadership
• January 16, 2014
• 11:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m.
Today’s Presenters
• Debbie Schachter, Past Chapter Cabinet Chair
• James King, Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect
• Juliane Schneider, Division Cabinet Chair-Elect
Congratulations on Your New
• Today we’ll cover:
– sources of support and role
– Resources and information on the
SLA website
– Planning
Planned Succession
• What you should have received from your
– Copy of the unit’s annual report
– Transition interview / advice / mentoring
– Ask for a timeline for execution of responsibilities if you
don’t already have one in your policies and procedures
• If you haven’t done so already…
– Review your position description
– Review your unit’s policies & procedures or the SLA
recommended practices for chapter or division
Make Appointments Now
• Line up your board and/or committee
appointments now to have in place in January
– Review your governing documents, policies &
procedures to know your appointment responsibilities
and timing
– Ensure your nominating committee get appointed early
in the year
– Recommended deadline for elections: October 1st
• Start looking now to groom future leaders
Plan Your Year
• Schedule your board meetings well in advance
• Be familiar with SLA’s strategic plan as well as
your unit’s, so you can move us all forward
• Think about what kind of leadership training
might benefit your unit and ask your cabinet
officers for help getting it
• Plan to attend leadership webinars
• Plan to attend cabinet meetings and
leadership orientation at annual conference
Tap Into Leadership
Leadership discussion list
“Leadership Connections” blog
Board agendas, minutes, documents
Cabinet meetings & minutes
Idea banks (community of practice wikis)
Leadership webinars
More SLA Resources:
Who We Are, What We Do
Cabinet officers
Unit board liaisons
SLA board
SLA staff
Major committees/councils: Finance, Nominating,
Annual Conference Advisory, Membership
Some of Your Obligations
• Paperwork:
– Leadership Responsibility Code form
• You AND your elected board members
– Unit officer & committee chair roster
– Financial reports & bank statements, due Jan. 31
– End of year annual report, due Dec. 1
• SLA Governance
– Representation in unit cabinets
More Obligations!
• Communication
– Communication conduit between your unit and SLA
– Mentoring and modeling for your unit
– Know your governing document and unit
– Always keep your chair/president-elect in the loop
– Review and update your unit practices through the
year, and transfer files to new officers and archivist!!
– Have a sense of humor about it all, try to have fun, and
share your enthusiasm.
• Use delegation strategically to help develop new
talent in your unit
– Look for opportunities to celebrate the success of
those to whom work was delegated.
• Use delegation to share some of the work load so
YOU don’t burn out
• Use delegation as a tool, not to avoid
responsibility yourself
Tap Into Resources Via Web
• SLA.org footer:
Leadership Guides
Chapter & Division Idea
Hidden Gem – Leadership
SLA Global Calendar
Leadership Webinars
•Is fun! (or not)
•Complicated (and fun)
Planning for Annual
• Treasurer
– Go over your budget with your treasurer and
decide how much you can spend
– Set a goal for the amount of sponsorship funds
you would like to acquire
• Planner
– Go over strategy for what kind of sessions you
want and what divisions/other collaborators
you want to approach.
Planning for Annual
• Vendor Relations/Sponsor Relations Chair
– Include them in the strategy discussions
• Collaborating with our sponsorship partners
– Be aware that budgets may be based either on
fiscal year (July-June) or calendar year (Jan.-Dec.)
– Approach partners with sessions that speak to their
business, that already have a solid outline/idea,
and hopefully include co-division sponsors.
• Whatever you want to call them, they are an
intrinsic part of SLA
– Approach them like the colleagues that they are
• Pre-existing relationships
– Find out who in your division has them, and split up
the collaboration/sponsorship approaches
• Plan Plan Plan! Communicate Communicate
Year-Long Planning
• Cultivate relationships with your fellow division
chairs HERE.
– Webinars
– Twitter Chats
• Cultivate relationships with your fellow chapter
chairs HERE.
– Webinars
– Local events in areas with large concentrations of
division members
Year-Long Planning
• Delegate as soon as someone voices an
idea for a session or event
• Find out who in your division is good at
running webinars!
• Know what issues are unique to your
division, and emphasize those in your
plans for your year

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