You’re a WITCH!!!!!!
On January 20, 1692, the daughter and niece
(Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams), became ill.
Their behavior, which included seizures, screaming,
and trances, was very strange. Besides these two girls
other girls also started exhibiting the same strange
behavior. This is when everyone started to worry.
Doctors could find no medical reason for these
symptoms. Well they had to blame it on something, so
what did the Puritans say was the cause?
This is when everyone started pointing fingers.
Over the next year, many were arrested and put to
trial. The first three “witches” to be arrested were the
Parris’ Caribbean slave (Tituba), Sarah Good, and
Sarah Osborne. Sarah Good and Sarah Osburn were
elderly women with a poor reputation. More and more
people died, over a dozen were hanged, yet they were
all innocent.
The trials weren’t always fair and many decisions
were made based on intangible evidence. Many forms
of torture were used to get the “witches” to confess. All
of this finally ended soon after the last hanging in
September when the governor ordered that no one else
can be convicted due to the intangible evidence.
 The 19 people that were executed:
Bridget Bishop: June 10th
Sarah Good: June 19th
Elizabeth Howe: June 19th
Susannah Martin: June 19th
Sarah Wildes: June 19th
George Burroughs: August 19th
Martha Carrier: August 19th
George Jacobs: August 19th
John Proctor: August 19th
John Willard: August 19th
Giles Cory(pressed to death): September 19th
Martha Cory: September 22nd
Mary Easty: September 22nd
Alice Parker: September 22nd
Mary Parker: September 22nd
Ann Pudeator: September 22nd
Margaret Scott: September 22nd
Wilmont Redd: September 22nd
Samuel Wardwell: September 22nd
 As well as those 19 people a dog was also hanged
because he was believed to be a transformed witch.
 The four people that died in jail while waiting to go to
 Sarah Obsurn: May 10, 1692
 Roger Toothaker: June 16, 1692
 Ann Foster: December 3, 1692
 Lydia Dustin: March 10, 1693
 Danvers, a town in Salem, was where a majority of the trials
and hangings occurred.
Gallows Hill was the place where the hangings took place.
At a certain point, there were 150 “witches” in custody.
In less than a year, 19 people had been hung, an eighty year
old man was pressed to death because he refused to a trial,
and 4 others died in jail.
Tituba was the only one who confessed to being a witch.
She claimed that Satan visited her on a number of
occasions in the form of a dog or pig.
Most of the people that were accused of being a witch had
less money and. Their behavior was also disturbing in the
community. Many also had criminal records.
I’m guilty,
I’m a
However, some were faithful to the church.
See if you’ll be named a witch
or worse, hanged:
 The Salem witch Trials by Michael Burgan

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