PTCE Handout 3

PTCE Handout 3
Practicum of Health
Science 2011-12
Which is a reason for a
manufacturer to recall a drug?
a. Contamination
b. Low profits
c. Label changes
d. Change in advertising
Answer: a
• When receiving an order from the
wholesaler, all should be checked
• a. name of product
• b. product strength
• c. quantity
• d. cost
• answer: d
• When restocking, always place
shortest expiration date products
a. behind other stock
b. on the counter
c. in front of other stock
d. next to the other stock
answer: c
• A prescription for Patanol reads
‘ou’. What do you type on label?
a. both ears
b. both eyes
c. right eye
d. right ear
answer: b
• Who has regulatory oversight of
the practice of pharmacy?
b. FDA
c. DEA
d. State Board of Pharmacy
answer: d
• The Dietary Supplement Health and
Education Act established
a. FDA oversight of nutritional
b. FDA did not have oversight
c. manufacturers may make health
claims to sell their products
d. proof of benefit is with manufacturer
answer: b
• What does the term inventory
a. record of drugs purchased
b. record of drugs sold
c. list of all items available for sale
d. value of merchandise in stock
answer: c
• Which book contains FDA-approved
indications, unapproved uses for
drugs, drug tables, and monthly
a. Drug Facts and Comparisons
b. American Hospital Formulary Svc.
c. Physicians’ Desk Reference
d. Handbook of Injectable Drugs
answer: a
• Who gives prescription drug benefits
for covered individuals from many
different insurance companies?
a. comprehensive insurance company
b. HMO
c. Pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)
d. PPO
answer: C
• A third-party payment is
a. cash payment at the time of service
b. credit card payment for services
c. reimbursement to the patient for
prescription services
d. reimbursement to the pharmacy for
prescription services
answer: d
• The needle-like device inserted into
veins close to the surface and used
for up to 72 hours is a
a. central venous catheter
b. peripheral venous catheter
c. midline catheter
d. multiple-lumen catheter
answer: b
• Universal claim forms are used to
a. process third-party claims
b. process a credit card purchase
c. return recalled drugs
d. purchase drugs from the wholesaler
answer: a
• How are buccal tablets given?
a. under the tongue orally
b. inserted vaginally
c. between the cheek and gum orally
d. inserted rectally
answer: c
• What is an advantage of using
technology in the pharmacy?
a. less need for technical help
b. increased efficiency
c. decreased need for pharmacist
d. increased expense
answer: b
• A physical inventory of controlled
substances in schedule II is done:
a. daily
b. monthly
c. yearly
d. every 2 years
answer: d
• Which of these drugs was originally
from natural sources but is now
a. phenobarbital
b. penicillin
c. epinephrine
d. vitamin b 12
answer: c
• Part of the on-line adjudication
process includes checking
a. for drug-drug interactions
b. for allergies
c. formulary status
d. storage requirements
answer: c
• Which ordering technique requires the
staff of a pharmacy to write down
items they used so they will be
a. minimum & maximum product level
b. order book
c. inventory cards
d. computerized inventory system
answer: b
• Which of the following is not a
parenteral dose form?
a. urethral
b. intracardia
c. intrasynovial
d. subcutaneous
answer: a
• Purchasing that is done frequently in
quantities to meet demand until the
next ordering time is called
a. direct purchasing
b. prime vendor purchasing
c. JIT
answer: c
• Which of the following is a typical floor
stock item?
a. Maalox
b. Lopressor
c. Medrol
d. Lanoxin
answer: a
• A disadvantage of the floor stock
a. a quick turnaround between writing
the order and the administration
b. convenience of availability
c. increased risk of medication errors
d. no risk of diversion
answer: c
• Which is the advantage to monitoring
a. increase in expired products
b. decrease in capital that is tied up
c. increased risk of diversion
d. need for increased storage space
answer: b
• Computerized inventory control
systems automatically
a. notify the technician about outdates
b. notify the technician about recalls
c. generate a purchase order
d. determine the patient’s day supply
answer: c

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