Land and mudslides powerpoint-0

 It is debris or rock or mud moving down a steep slope
 It can go up to 100 mph!!!
 Can happen over a period of time or in a twinkle of an
 Rarely kill but can
 Happen any time but usually in the summer or winter
 The main driving force is gravity!!!
• Lack of stability
• Has to rain a lot
• Shortness of water
• Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, wildfires, or snow
melting fast can trigger it
• Where no vegetation is
• Places where landslides already happen
• Where channels are
 Yes it can, you can plant plants (most likely trees) to
hold the ground and make it fertile
 Elements such as land, buildings, trees, and other
things will go down with the slide
 People or animals could get injured or killed
 Landslides can sometimes bury or trap people
 Could be multiple landslides
 Before you need to know your land and protect your
 During you need to get shelter
 After you need to check your surroundings and stay
away from the landslide area
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