Ability and High- Achieving Students

Meeting the Needs of 2nd Grade’s
High- Ability and High- Achieving
 As 2nd grade teachers, there are many opportunities
to meet the needs of students who are high-ability or
high-achieving. Next year, we will continue to work
to include these opportunities in:
 Depending on the project and the class interests,
there are extension opportunities readily available
throughout the course of the project.
For example-, Farmer’s Market (money), Space Night (movie
making), Cookbooks (measurement and sequencing),
Lemonade Day (animal research)
 Students work in groups and have assigned or
chosen positions in those groups that include being
the :
Station Leaders
Project Managers
 Presentations throughout the year
 Town Hall Meetings
Presentations of what is happening in 2nd grade
 Announcements
Community visitors
Connections to project
 Presenting our needs/ goals
Projects- Project Managers
Farmer’s Market- product design and creation
 Promote the Vote- community connections
 Healthy Cookbooks- recipe substitutions and sales
 Lemonade Day- Animal research and sales
 Each day in second grade, the students rotate
through 8 stations.
Four Language Arts stations in the morning
Four Math/ Project stations in the afternoon
 In each station, there is a task or activity to complete
either within that day or within that week.
 The activities are set up to meet the needs of many
different learners.
 Reading
 Leveled readers and comprehension packets or activities related to the
 Usually connected to a 20-30 minute whole group lesson before stations
 Connected to project
 Self-Selected Reading
 AR books and quizzes on students’ reading levels
 Working with Words
 Each week includes a regular 2nd grade list and a challenge list
The challenge list includes words above grade level and connected to our
 Writing
 Rubric
 Extension activities
 Math Journal
 Connected to EM series
 Project Connection
 Apply the skill or concept to a real-life situation in our project
 For example, while studying money, they practiced giving
change with play money for particular purchases.
 Skill Application
 The skill from EM is applied in a real-life situation, game or
extended to the next level.
Math cont…
 Everyday Math Online
 Skill practice online
 Grade levels can vary based on the skill and students’ needs
 Skills/ concepts
 Patterns
 Quantity discrimination
 Adding and Subtracting with regrouping and borrowing
 Math Facts
Science/ Health and Social Studies
 Often applied during stations or project time
 Community connections often create opportunities
to expand on a skill or concept
 Reading during LA stations based on reading level
 Modified for needs of students
 Spelling-Challenge list
 Spelling City
 Math focused on same skill and concept with the
class, but at 3rd grade level and up
 Read 20 minutes each night
AR leveled readers
 2nd Grade Expectation
Microsoft Word
Size, font, color, writings
Our website
 This year, some 2nd graders learned or mastered:
Microsoft Publisher
Windows Movie Maker
Google Earth
Microsoft Word
Insert pictures, paragraphing
 Thank you for attending!

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