Eye Level Camera Angle

Eye Level Camera Angle
• An eyelevel angle is a camera angle in which
the camera is placed at the actor and
actresses' eye.
• This type of shot is an extremely common shot
because of it’s neutral effect.
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Camera Shot: High Angle
Notice how the angle
against the brick wall
makes 007 look like he’s
in a tight spot.
A cameraman
taking a high angle
The high angle here makes
Matilda look smaller and
weaker than her character
actually is.
The high angle shot angles the camera
down at the subject, making them
appear less powerful, insignificant, or in
some cases, trapped.
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Look at the difference!
The brick wall looks much more restrictive from the high angle in
Bond’s case, but the straight-on angle with the man in the second
picture makes the situation look much less futile.
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By: Zac Chambers and Konwalia Urbanczyk
Dutch Angle
• Also know as the Dutch tilt
• The camera is purposely tilted to one side so
the horizon is on an angle.
• This creates an interesting and dramatic
• Rarely used
• The Dutch angle can be
employed to disorient and disturb the viewer.
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Slide by: Giulia Bertolo and Kevin Riesen
Claira Curtis and Devon Lee
Aerial View Shot (camera angle):
Definition: Any camera image or video shot from an aerial view, mostly shot by
plane, helicopter, balloon, or maybe even shot while jumping out of a plane.
Example: Jimmy is a passenger on a plane and wants to take pictures before his
family and him land in Hawaii. He takes his camera out and takes a picture of
the Pacific Ocean as the plane sours to its destination. Luckily the picture is had
no borders from the window Jimmy had taken the picture from.
Misty Mountains shot from
Lord of the Rings: The
Fellowship of the Ring :D,
assumed to be taken by
Random bird’s eye
view aerial shot on
random city suburbs.
Random camera shot at a random
city taken via plane.
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