9104-3 Team Report

9104/3 Re-write Team Update
September 2014 – Savannah, GA
Will Tate
Triumph Group
Developed Technical Competence Requirements – Bremen, Germany
Included new auditor grade – ALA (AQMS Lead Auditor), AELA (former AEA)
• 2 yrs/10 yrs experience in manufacturing - not in Aerospace (ALA)
• No impact on existing AEAs that successfully complete CVP
Clarification of Aerospace Industry Experience (AELA)
• Specifically identifies type of work/tasks performed
Auditor Grades
• AA – ASD Auditor
• ALA – ASD Lead Auditor - New
• AELA (AEA) – ASD Experienced Lead Auditor
Completed team comments review and incorporation
Competence appendix table formatted and included in draft
QMS auditing competence table/form format update
SDR comments draft update resubmitted to SAE editor – 8/08/14
SAE Editor feedback – 9/01/14
Final SDR disposition - ECD 9/24/14
Aerospace Experience Clarification
The full-time work experience shall have included at least 5 of the following
specific aspects:
Aviation or space quality assurance and quality control
Military or civil aviation or space regulatory requirements
First article inspection,
Airworthiness and safety requirements,
Material traceability requirements,
Sub-contractor approval and control
Variation management of key characteristics,
Flow-down of requirements
Aerospace Experience Clarification (con’t)
Foreign object damage/debris (FOD) prevention program,
Use of customer supplied products,
Calibration controls and positive recall system,
Acceptance authority media,
Non-conforming material management,
Sampling, inspection, statistical process control requirements
and limitations or testing
Special processes,
Configuration management/requirements control,
Manufacturing, maintenance or overhaul techniques,
Design and development
Applicant Auditor:
New or
Re-authentication due
Applies for and takes
CVP (Competence
Validation Process)
AS auditor Authentication
Process (in draft)
Further development needed
CVP Results
QMS Audit OK
QMS Audit
Technical OK
Competent AQMS
Competent AQMS Audit
Team leader
AAB Authentication
decision for
Competent AQMS
AAB decision for Competent
AQMS Lead Auditor
Does auditor
have 2 years
aerospace work
* Note:
All exisiting
Authenticated AEA
would be eligible for
this new grading
AAB decision for Competent
AQMS Lead Auditor (ALA)
Post result to Auditor and OASIS:
- Competent AQMS Auditor (AA)
- Competent AQMS Lead Auditor (ALA)
- Competent AQMS Experienced Lead Auditor (AEA) *
AAB decision for Competent
AQMS Experienced Lead
Auditor (AELA) *
• Next Steps
• Finalize SAE Editor 2nd review feedback – 9/24/2014
• Preparation of document for ballot – 9/2014
• Development of CVP (team in work) – John Horan: Team Leader
Questions and Thoughts
Insert Date
Indianapolis, IN - July 16/17, 2013

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