Presentation to Members
November 21, 2012
by Bruce Keith
on behalf of the Membership Committee
Club Profile
• 85 members
• 80 Regular members
– 53 men, 27 women
– Average age and number of years in Rotary: who
can say?!
– 80 regular members is down a bit from recent years
(and was a high as 90+ in ‘06)
• 5 Honorary members
– Glen Baillie
– John Borrowman (replaces Ron Casey)
– Vito Giannandrea
– Ron Marra
– Moira Scullion
Recent Situation
• Some loss of longer term and involved
e.g. Clair Cote, Don James, John McIsaac, Suzi
Froese, Grace Klassen, Sandy Dougall, Bob
Warwick, Wendell Lund
– But some new incoming members too!
• Some members have become “un-engaged”
– Places the joy of carrying out our charitable
work on a smaller number of members!
Recent Situation (cont’d)
• Membership management and admin has
been sporadic
– Clubrunner membership list not up to date
– Lots of extra nametags
– Who is/is not an member?
– Annual per member fees being paid by the
Club to District ($55) and RI ($70) not
always accurate
• RI’s “New Generations” initiative is
encouraging Clubs to attract some youngerage members (and we want that as well!)
This Rotary Year
• Board decided to form a new Membership Committee
• Members are:
– Bruce Keith (Chair)
– Karen Greene
– John Thorburn
– Bob Boyden
– Lyle Bradley
– Terry Reeder
– Ron Lewis
– Trisha Isaac
• First meeting held in September
5 Priorities
• Recruit a small number of new members
• Bolster our volunteer cadre
• Downsize our average age a bit (with all the extra
membership vigor that comes with that!)
• Find new ways to better engage and retain members
• All members, with emphasis on new members
• Make sure we properly thank members who choose to leave
the Club (and advise Club members they’ve left!)
• Articulate a positive, supportive process for dealing with
members who show a persistent lack of engagement
• Clean up membership records (and keep them that way!)
Recruitment Actions
• All members are being asked today to be on the
lookout to sponsor a new member
• For the balance of this Rotary year
• Members can bring a prospective member to
one breakfast meeting at no cost to the
member or guest
• No membership fees for 1st year for new
members aged 35 or less
• Evaluate results near end of this Rotary year
• Establish a “Mentorship Program” for new members
(1st 2 years)
• Ask longer-term members to become mentors
• Mentors to work with sponsors to help and support
new members as they integrate into the Club
• Dedicate one member meeting per quarter to Avenue
of Service “breakout” sessions
• First one will be on Wednesday Dec. 5
• President to write a thank you letter to members who
choose to resign (and Pres. will announce their leaving to
all members)
Actions (cont’d)
• Establish a new “Senior Member” status for
longer term members who are not able to
keep up their expected attendance and/or
service contributions
• Member must be at least 65, and member’s
age + years of membership in Rotary must
equal at least 85
• Member to apply in writing to Board
requesting Senior Member status (and say
Actions (cont’d)
“Senior Member” Status (cont’d)
• If OK’d by Board, member will:
–Be on an “Excused Absence” (so their
meeting attendance won’t be factored into
RI’s tracking of our Club’s attendance
–Be welcome to attend and/or volunteer at
Club meetings, events, socials, etc
–pay regular annual membership fee
–Be able to vote at Club meetings
Records Clean Up Actions
• Clubrunner has been updated to reflect our
current membership
• Outdated name tags have been removed from
the storage cabinet
• Invoicing of annual dues to all members will
become the norm
• will allow us to stay on top of who’s in, out
• Membership records etc. will be kept up to date
as time goes by
Expectations of Members
• Weekly meeting attendance*:
• Minimum is 50% (including make-ups)
– and not lower than 30% in each half of the
Rotary Year
• Not supposed to miss more that 4 meetings in a
• Service contribution*
• “Each member has the responsibility to participate
in Club fundraising and to volunteer to sit on at
least one committee”
* As per our current Constitution and Bylaws
Expectations (cont’d)
• Maintain “qualifications for membership”:
– Good character
– Good business, professional and/or community
• Abide by the Four-Way Test
• Have the high ethical standards one should
hold as a Rotary Club member
* As per our current Constitution and Bylaws
Expectations (cont’d)
• Board is currently discussing options for how to
handle “expectations not being met” situations
in a positive and supportive manner
– will include making timely personal contact with the
member to understand why
• Various factors involved e.g.
– our Club has active and valued members who leave
Canmore for travel, warm weather winters, etc. etc.
– Illnesses do happen
• More on this in the coming months

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