WYSD Building Addition PowerPt

January, 2014
Built 1990-1992 - School is 22 years old
 1997 – 1st Expansion of School
› Additions: New Shop, Wolverine Lounge,
› Remodeled/relocated Art Room
1999 – Addition of Track and Field
 2008 – Playground Equipment Addition
165 Elementary Students
30 Jr. High Students
59 High School Students
**254 Total Students
**NOTE: Received 4 new students in last
week and expecting 2 more by end of
Student Safety Concerns
 Fortification of Infrastructure
Overcrowding throughout school
› Splitting classes for 6 consecutive years
› Fire Code Violations with Band/Choir Concerts
› Moving Elementary Classes into High School
› Relocating Classes into rooms not originally
designed as classrooms
› High School & Jr. High Elective Courses are very
limited due to insufficient classrooms available
so no additional elective teachers can be hired
at this time.
Split 1st Grade Classes (30 Students):
 One 1st Grade Class is in same location.
The other was used to be the 5th grade
1st Grade
Overcrowding –
› Split 2nd Grade Classes (32 Students)
› One 2nd Grade Class remained in same
location; The other moved to a Title I
classroom that is about half the size of a
regular classroom
Ms. Hoskins’s 2nd Grade—Classroom used
to be Title I / Elementary Computer Lab
› Both 5th and 6th Grades had to be moved to
the High School Wing—There was discussion
of the 4th grade class being moved there as
› When 5th & 6th Grade classes were
relocated, the High School Social
Studies/Business classes had to relocate to a
smaller Title I room and the High School
Resource Room ended up relocating to the
Home Ec. Room
Ms. Whitesides’ 5th Grade Class—in former
Business/Social Studies High School Classroom
Ms. Paisley Social Studies
Class—in former Title I Room
Band and Music performances held in
Multi-Purpose Room have exceeded
maximum capacity—advised by Fire
Dept. in excess of limitations;
 9th and 10th grade locker assignments
were moved to the Wolverine Lounge
lockers with the 11th and 12th grades –
Not enough locker space for all.
When the Bell Rings, Children Walking
Home have to dodge this traffic
Before School / After School Building Use is at
high demand:
› After School Program is held in the MPR (Serving 65
Girl Scouts held in Wolverine Lounge Serving 34
students (meetings every other week and monthly)
Spirit Team held in Classrooms
Ski Team—Waxing Skis
Speech & Drama practice & Play Production
Sports Practices Jr. High before school
Sports Practices High School after school
Adult Open Gym 2 nights per week
Adult Education Classes held
Serving 65 Elementary
Monday – Fridays from 3:15
to 5:45 p.m.
**Student Safety—especially drop off and
pick up zones for elementary students
Playground Safety—Currently Open Access
**Security Cameras—updating them and
connecting them to Police Department
**Back up Communication—Phones in
(**Note: The 2013 School Safety Committee
rated these as top priorities)
Stage used for Graduation and
Elementary Christmas Program unsafe for
so many students. Used to be used for
drama productions, talent shows, and
dance recitals—no longer possible with
current stage
 (It was purchased in 1955 in conjunction
with the old school addition located
Boiler System Fatigue
 Increase computer accessibility for all
 Increase storage areas and update
equipment for School Kitchen area.
Operating on 1 Boiler for 1 ½ Years
 The Back up Boiler is becoming more
unreliable but still needed and used
 Lower efficiency boiler
 Approaching Life Expectancy of Boiler
(25-30 years)
 With increased square footage, more
demand on the Boiler System
School Kitchen—More Students Means:
› Increase Storage Capacity
› Update/Expand Equipment based on Need
and Quantity Served
Mary Wilson stands in her
“Walk In” Freezer.
Additional Elementary Classrooms
 Provide Safe Drop Off Area for Students
with possible Roundabout for In and Out
 Semi Enclosed Playground to Provide
Safer Playground for our Students
 Add a second Gym serving MultiPurpose of Gym, Stage, Acoustically
Enhanced for Band/Choir Concerts
 Update Boiler System
Expand and Enhance Security Cameras
 Enhance and Supplement Computer
 Provide Updated Computer / Personal
Device Labs
 Expand Kitchen Dry Storage and
Freezer/Refrigeration Areas
 Update/Expand Kitchen Equipment
 Expand Parking Lots – Additional Spaces
24 years ago, the Original Conceptual
Design was a U – Shaped Building
 Due to insufficient funding the Design
had to be scaled back to what is the
Current L-Shape Facility
What are the Possibilities?
What are your thoughts, suggestions,
 Get the message out—Councils, Boards,
Organizations, Affiliations, etc.
 Bring Back Ideas to Facilities Committee
 School Website– 3 Question Survey
 Everyone has a Voice—Everyone Should
Be Heard.
For Serving the Students of West
Yellowstone School – Present and Future

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