Osceola Wrestling Club Power Point

Osceola Wrestling Club
The OWC board
Andy Willeman- President
Brian Meyer- Vice President
Terry Viebrock- Treasurer
Cassie De La Cruz, Missy Anderson- Secretaries
Clint Strom- Coach
How to get information
Remind 101
OWC email: [email protected]
OWC handbook
 Handbook
is available on the OWC website
 http://osceolawrestlingclub.org/?page_id=
For grades 3-8, Mondays and Tuesdays beginning Dec. 1st in the High
School Wrestling Room
Mondays for everyone, Tuesdays for those with a USA wrestling card
Time- 6:00-7:15
Beginning Jan. 5 Practice will move back to 6:45-8:00
Pre-K-2nd grade practice will begin Jan. 5-6:00-6:45
Enter through the main doors and then enter the gym and upstairs to
the wrestling room
Middle school wrestlers can practice before or after their MS season
One adult should be present to help learn and be able to go over
*time change for the month of December*
What’s expected at practice…
Wear shorts, T-shirt, clean shoes. Can be wrestling shoes
(found at Treadmill, Dick’s sporting goods, online at
www.suplay.com or many others. Wrestlers can also wear
clean tennis shoes. Make sure that they are specific shoes
for wrestling only so dirt is not brought into the wrestling
Coach Strom- Philosophy
www.wiwrestling.com -Wisconsin youth events
 www.theguillotione.com -Minnesota youth events
Many towns put on their tournaments on Saturdays or Sundays.
Each wrestler weighs in and are bracketed according to their
age, size, and ability. Wrestlers will usually get 2-3 matches in a
day. Most tournaments have trophies or medals for wrestlers
that wrestle in the tournament. Tournaments are not
mandatory for wrestlers. There are tournaments nearly every
weekend and families can travel long or short distances. OWC
is usually well represented in many area tournaments. Ask for
help if you are unsure of the details for tournaments.
OWC tournament
Our home tournament will be February 15th. It takes a
whole club to make it happen from set up to registration
to weigh ins at the beginning of the day until the tear
down and the day is complete. Sign-up sheets will be
passed around when the date gets closer. Please find an
area that you can help out and sign up to help the club
create another great tournament.
The tournament is the only fundraiser that the club does.
Wrestlers that earn a 1st or 2nd place in a tournament can
earn incentives to reward them for a job well done.
1st year- Wrestling winter hat
2nd year- T-Shirt
3rd year- Shorts
4th year- Wrestling Bag
5th year- Warm Up Pants
6th year- Warm Up Jacket
End of the season
Regionals- End of the year tournament that
wrestlers can participate in. Wrestlers that finish
1st or 2nd can earn a trip to Madison to wrestle in
the State tournament
Pool Party at the Middle School
If a child works hard and has an enjoyable experience
with the sport, it can be very rewarding. As with
anything that is worth doing there will be ups and
downs, but it is how the parents and children handle
the ups and downs that will build character. Learning
to handle the situations in a positive way will affect
them in future years in this great sport. It is our goal
that everyone that participates with us in Osceola
Wrestling club will have a positive experience with
the sport.

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