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Lean and Green Process
From Award to Star: Realizing an
ambitious CO2 reduction target, relative
to own baseline.
• Participant develops an action Plan for 20% CO2
reduction in 5 years period
• Upon external verification of Action Plan (with
good result) the participant receives Lean and
Green Award
• Participant monitors and reports performance of
the 20% reduction target.
• When 20% reduction is externally certified the
participant receives the Lean and Green Star, and
can join the 2nd star program.
2nd star onwards: Continuous
improvements in sustainable logistics and
comparison with peers/benchmark
• Participant enrols into the 2nd star program
committing to continuous improvement in
sustainable logistics.
• Upon external verification of CO2 performance and
qualitative measures on data quality, cooperation
and innovation participant receives a 2nd star.
• Participant monitors progress and reports status
on a yearly basis.
• External verification against sustainable logistics
benchmark on a yearly basis
Lean and Green Star Winners have voiced the wish to set new
• The Lean and Green Star Winners have realized a CO2 reduction
of at least 20%, relative to their own (baseline) performance.
• Star winners have voiced the wish for:
• new targets to foster continuous improvements in
sustainable logistics
• comparison with peers (stand out against peers)
• focus on cooperation and innovation in the supply chain
• a uniform calculation methodology to specify and monitor
challenging targets.
Lean and Green has translated these requests into the Lean and Green Rating
Framework: a practical, fair and comparable methodology, through which
challenging levels/targets can be defined, measured and awarded.
The Lean and Green Rating Framework has a quantitative and a
qualitative dimension
Quantitative dimension
1. Measurement of KPIs in
compliance with uniform
calculation methodology (based
on EN 16258)
2. Minimum levels of data accuracy
for KPI calculation.
3. Carriers comply to a minimum
target on Euronorm (average).
Qualitative dimension
1. Two measures on cooperation
and innovation to reduce CO2.
2. One measure on sustainable
logistics (beyond CO2)
3. Shippers demonstrate how
carriers are stimulated to
become more sustainable.
In addition participants maintain the level realized by the Award/Star phase
(20% CO2 reduction compared to baseline year of the Award/Star phase).
In the Lean and Green Rating Framework performance is based
on two Key Performance Indicators.
1. Network performance: CO2 per unit (ton, cubic meter, …)
2. Transport performance: CO2 per unit.km (ton.km, m3.km , ...)
Network performance is an expression of how effective the logistics
(and with that the transport) network to ship a good/product from
the source to the client is organized.
Transport performance is an expression of how efficient the actual
transport is carried out on a part of the supply chain for one or more
The two KPI’s can be plotted on a
two dimensional field, indicating
the overall performance of the
shipper and carrier.
Timeline of the first 2nd star program in the Netherlands
January 2013
January 2014
Submission deadline
end Q1
January 2015
Award Ceremony: Q2
Focus of KPI measurement: full year 2013
Focus of qualitative measures: full year 2014
The yearly application and verification covers a 2 year period.
The quantitative measurement covers the preceding calendar year
(transparency on performance), while the qualitative measurement covers the
running calendar year (transparency on ambitions).
The Lean and Green Rating Framework is aligned to European
developments on CO2 calculation methodologies.
• The new European Standard EN 16258 ‘Methodology for calculation and
declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions of transport services’
and the additional work of the COFRET Project for allocating energy
use/emissions in distribution shipments provide the building blocks for the
Lean and Green framework.
• Participants can use the Green Freight Europe database for data submission.
• The 2nd star can be applied across Europe, and is the first step toward a
European Lean and Green Program.
Appendix: White Paper

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