Highlights of TLUD Stove Development Worldwide in 2013

Highlights of TLUD Stove
Development Worldwide
in 2013 to January 2014
( TLUD refers to “Top-Lit UpDraft” micro-gasification )
A Presentation at 2014 ETHOS Conference
Seattle-Kirkland, WA, USA
24-26 January 2014
Paul S. Anderson
“Dr TLUD” ( Doc Tee-lud ) [email protected]
Juntos Energy Solutions, NFP
Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd (Uganda)
• The pace of development of TLUD micro-gasifier
cookstoves has further increased during 2013.
• Highlighted are numerous devices, activities and
results. Some are presented at the ETHOS
• Classification of micro-gasifier stoves according to
key variables
– of significant features, emissions, specialty fuels, char
production, natural or forced draft, materials and
manufacturing, costs, marketing, etc.
• Major issues for TLUD stoves in 2014 are named.
Manual by Roth for GIZ
(revision is in press)
• Micro-gasification: Cooking with Gas from
• Revision / up-date available probably in
February 2014
Micro-gasification Terminology
• Document available at: www.drtlud.com
• “TLUD” re-defined as a name, not an acronym,
referring to small UpDraft processes and devices,
as in “Tiny Little” UpDraft.
• Migratory Pyrolytic Front (MPF) is the essential
distinguishing characteristic of Top-Lit UpDraft,
therefore TLUD-MPF.
• After MPF ends, continuation of burning becomes
TLUD-BB (Bottom Burning)
– New fuel added on top of char is being “retorted”
– Burning only charcoal is bad for stove & heat transfer
Stove Camps and Research
• TLUD technology featured at Stove Camp at
Aprovecho in July 2013 and next week
• Kirk Harris (will make next presentation)
• Materials testing
• Issues of materials and weight of TLUD
cookstoves: heavy vs. light weight TLUDs.
Awamu “Quad” (versions 2 & 3)
TLUD-ND dimensions identical to the Mwoto “Classic” TLUD.
400 units produced.
US$14 per stove.
Flat Pack fabrication.
Test results on Internet.
Mainly “Tab & Slot” assembly, to be done near point of sale.
Too difficult to
produce sufficient
quantities with
adequate quality,
even with jigs.
Troika TLUD (Russian word for 3)
• Successor to the Quad designs, to have ease
of production.
• Prototype in USA in late 2013; taken to
Uganda in January 2014 for African
modifications and initial 5 units.
• Training and sample units taken from Uganda
to Kenya and Tanzania in January 2014, where it
is called Jiko Bingwa (Champion Stove, a name
used since 2005 for this style of TLUD-ND).
Bingwa (Champion) TLUD Stove
[A Troika design by Anderson]
• Combustor top similar to
• Three wooden legs
joined by strong metal.
• Outer cylinder 700 mm
circum. & 8.75 inch
diameter = Quad size
• Inner fuel chambers of
many sizes.
• Primary air control !!!!
Other TLUD-ND in Production
• Peko Pe: Zambia & Norway, at ETHOS by Jan
• Jiko Bomba: Tanzania. by Bjarne Laustsen.
Intended to use with pellet fuel.
Other TLUD-ND in Production
• Gastov (3 models) by KIRDI = Kenya Industrial
Research and Development Institute. Heavy
stove; fuel chamber is lifted out to extinguish.
Other TLUD-ND in Production
• Maliaka Jiko (left)
Kenya, by Wisdom
stoves. This is an
excellent TChar unit
on a charcoal stove.
• Riziki TLUD-ND
(right) by Wisdom.
No riser because
secondary air
inlets are 10 cm
below rim.
Other TLUD-ND in Production
• Estufa Finca: Costa Rica, by Seachar / Art
Donnelly (presented at ETHOS 2014)
• TLUD stoves in China (some with FA):
Silverfire units from China are sold in North
America by Todd Albi, Eugene, Oregon.
Others with presentation at ETHOS 2014.
Rice Husk TLUD-FA Devices
• Several presented at ETHOS 2014 and are a
major topic at Aprovecho Open House next
• Alexis Belonio
• Paul Olivier
• HOS/Rua
• Troika
Lacking during 2013
• Very little testing results reported.
• No or very little word from many that are
known to be involved with TLUD work:
– Colorado State University (large grant)
– Companies that hold their information about
possible work on TLUD topics (maybe none to
• (EnviroFit, Burn, WorldStove, Stove Tec., First Energy,
Nurhuda Stoves, )
• .
• Increasing interest in pellets/briquettes
TLUD Rental Program in Uganda.
• In very specific communities, women in groups
(similar to micro-finance groups) with shared
responsibility for payments of:
– Stove rental of USD 0.33 per month
– 500 grams of dry char per stove per day. (Company
receives payment per KG, to be sequestered.)
• Stoves are maintained by company or project.
• Project already started in Uganda by Awamu.
• Presentation by Ted Redelmeier at ETHOS 2014.
Merry Go Round
Large TLUDs for
Biochar in Thailand
Awamu Institutional Stove
• 100 to 300 liter sizes (shown 150 L;
second lip provides seal and handles.)
• Triple concentric air channel
(with insulation under top and in outer gap, for
heat transfer efficiency and cooler sides; chimney
sustains draft.)
• Large TLUD-ND gasifier (Fuel
container 40 cm Dia. x 36 cm H; 2 units provide
continual heat; use smaller units for simmer.)
• Assembled on site
(as fixed or portable)
• Price: Not yet decided.
• 100% Uganda-made.
On-going Debates
• Debate about how the quantities of produced
char are included in the calculations of
• Debate about centralized and decentralized
production of stoves, including TLUD models.
Major Issues for
TLUD Stoves in 2014
• Establishment of high usage of TLUD
cookstoves in some communities.
• Lowering of costs of each stove.
• Materials and increased production
• Improvement of procedures for:
– Ignition
– Extinguishing each batch
• Design changes

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