STRATCOM 15 Feb 2011 - MWR Employee Portal

Issue/Event: Personal Information Services (PIS) Policy
DESIRED OUTCOME: Accurately communicate the ACSIM Personal Information Services (PIS) Policy, ensure employees and users are
made aware of the changes brought about by NDAA 2010 for PIS and direction for continued support.
Army senior leaders, Regional Directors, FMWR West Region Chiefs, DFMWR’s, AAFES
Senior Leaders, AAFES Garrison GM’s, DPW Senior Leaders, NEC Senior Leaders, FMWRC
Elected officials (federal, state, and local levels)
Key Themes and Messages:
•NDAA FY10 requires that "for fee" PIS (internet, telephone or television) on Army
installations will be provided by commercial providers.
•ACSIM Memorandum, 06 April 2010, subject: Unofficial Internet Services on Army Garrisons
delineates policy.
•FMWRC, in coordination with IMCOM and AAFES, will contract the requirements through a
joint business organization of FMWRC and AAFES.
•Engage key audiences through traditional command information channels, as considered
•Engage key audiences through the IMCOM News Letter
•Contracts and other arrangements for PIS through the Army Recreation Machine Program
(ARMP) CONUS have transferred to the FMWRC/AAFES organization in December 2010. A
request for exception to allow AAFES to use both Commercial and DoD resources to support
PIS has been submitted consistent with the FY10 NDAA procedures for Europe operations.
•Engage Garrison Commanders and DFMWR’s through direct email
•Franchise agreements will transfer upon renewal.
•AAFES to engage Exchange GM's through direct email
•PIS in Cat. C MWR activities, exchanges and UPH, other than Army Lodging, will be
provided "for fee" paid by the end user, with a portion of revenue returned to MWR funds.
This policy also applies to PIS offered "for fee" in Cat. B MWR facilities.
•Respond to query using themes and messages contained in this guidance.
•Engage key audiences via the following websites:
PIS Information Website
Garrison Commanders’ Net
Measure of Effectiveness:
•Number of agreements transferred to AAFES/FMWRC Partnership
•Excluded: Army Lodging or to PIS that are mission support services or systems defined by
Army Operational Orders or Army Regulations such as: Warrior in Transition Units (WTU) or
services provided on a "no-fee" basis in CAT A and B MWR activities or UPH.
•PIS Revenue distributed IAW Army Simplified Dividend formula. Garrisons that had previous
arrangements with ARMP may initially experience reduced revenue. That disparity is
forecasted to be overcome in 2014 or before.
•Feedback from Garrison Commanders and DFMWR’s
•Garrison dividend shortfalls below the FY-2009 levels for the month starting the transition
until the end of FY 2010 were made whole by FMWRC and AAFES. The FY10 dividend trueup to garrisons was $303k. A report is being developed to allow complete transparency of
the true up amounts.
•Seamless transfer of Franchise Agreements to partnership
•Pertinent regulations will be changed to reflect these policy changes.
•Increased coverage of PIS on all garrisons
•DMWRs will consolidate Garrison requirements and provide required data through
appropriate regions to FMWRC Telecommunications Operations Manager (TOM), David
LaPradd, 210-424-8592, [email protected] will be the sole POC for coordinating
requirements between installations and the joint business organization.
•Increase in revenue
•Customer Satisfaction Surveys related to telecom

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