Pythagoras/Pythagorean theorem

Pythagorean Theorem
By: Pilin,James,Bruce,Rara
Pythagoras/ What Happened in His Life
Pythagoras was born on the Island of Samos in 570 B.C
He traveled Egypt seeking knowledge Around 530 B.C he moved to Croton ,
a Greek colony in southern Italy, and there he set up a religious section. His
followers pursued the religious rights and developed by Pythagoras and the
study his philosophical theories the society taken an activity role in the
politics of croton but this event would usually end in a downfall.
How does Pythagorean Theorem
The ancient Egyptians wanted to lay out square (90 degrees) corners for
their fields.
How could they make a (90 degrees) angle? About 200 B.C. discovered a
magic 3,4,5 triangle.
Workmen took a loop of rope knotted into 12 equal spaces. They took 3
stakes and stretched the rope to form a triangle.
His Death
He died in 495 B.C. , he was 75 . The reason he died was starvation, in
How Is Pythagorean Theorem Used
The Pythagorean theorem works today because, firefighters use
Pythagorean theorem, when they set up ladders against buildings and see
how long to has to be. Television workers uses Pythagorean theorem
because when they have to measure TV screens and see how long it is from
one side of the TV to the other side. Everyday we use the Pythagorean’s
theorem in the world, no matter what it is. When people are working on
flooring they have to measure how much they need and how long it has to

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