Are natural gas vehicles right for your fleet?

MGE Breakfast Seminar
Are natural gas vehicles right for your fleet?
April 25th, 2013
Corporate Overview
• Fuel System Solutions
World Headquarters –New York City
Publicly traded on Nasdaq FSYS
• Proprietary bi-fuel and dedicated LPG and CNG systems
• Global distribution with products sold in over 70 countries
• Over 5 million vehicles using FSS Systems world wide
World Class Transportation OEM Customers
World Class Industrial OEM Customers
CNG Refueling Division
• The new line of refueling products for a wide range of
applications positions FSS to participate in infrastructure build-out
• The acquisition of Fuel Maker and CUBOGAS® assets and
technology has significantly enhanced the offer that now ranges
from Phill® home refueling units to large public stations
“OEM and Aftermarket Solutions”
Business Model
• Identify Market and Pursue Opportunities
– Aftermarket and OEM
• Develop, Validate, and Certify Technology
• Core Business Segments
– Assembly and Distribution of Aftermarket Product through
Certified Installation Facilities
– Installation of OEM and Aftermarket
• Service and Support
– Certified Installer Network
– Service Dealer Network
– IMPCO Technical Service Team
• Quality Control
– ISO 9001 Certified
Development and Production
• FEA – Structural Components
"All of our primary load supporting components are designed and validated
with computer aided simulations (FEA Finite Element Analysis) to meet or
exceed all NFPA52 and FMVSS requirements."
• Follow OEM Guidelines:
Clipping, Securing, Routing
• GP12 Vehicle Inspection
• GMW3359 Fasteners
• Vehicle Dyno
• Rumble Strip
Tier One Supplier
• General Motors
– Express/Savana and Silverado/Sierra
• Component Validation and Testing
– Vibration, Corrosion, and General Durability
– Performance:
– Vehicle Crash Testing:
Rear, Side, Front,
and Offset Front
GM OEM Program
• 2013 Silverado/Sierra Bi-Fuel CNG
– Extended Cab 6.0L
– 2500 Series
– 17GGE
• 2013 Express/Savana Dedicated CNG
– Cargo Van 6.0L
– 2500 Series
– 15.8GGE or 22GGE
• 5 Year/100K Powertrain Warranty
• Backed by Largest Dealer Network
Ford QVM
• Ship-Thru Pending
• Extensive Offering
– E450 6.8L – Dedicated CNG
– E250/350 5.4L – Bi-Fuel LPG
– F250/350 6.2L – Bi-Fuel CNG/LPG
– F450/550/650 6.8L – Dedicated CNG
Isuzu Ship-Thru
• 2013 Isuzu NPR
Dedicated 6.0L
NEW Bi-Fuel
Four Wheelbases
Bus Program
• Altoona Tested
Low Floor
Glaval and Arboc
Public Transit; FTA Funding
Standard Floor – Pending
• GM 4500 Cutaway 6.0L
– 6.0L Dedicated CNG
• Ford E450, F550, and F650
– 6.8L Dedicated CNG
• Indiana Production
• Unlimited Configurations
Additional Aftermarket
• Over 50 systems currently available for 2011-
2013 model years
– 30 Aftermarket Certified Installers
– OEM Service Dealers
– EPA Certifications
New for 2013
Bi-Fuel Chevy Cruze
Powered by IMPCO
Contact Information:
Jamie Mitchell
Region Sales Manager
[email protected]

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