2014 Medix Type III Metro Express 166 Chevy Sales Presentation

Chevy 166
G-4500 Cutaway Van
Type III Ambulance Conversion
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Chevy Metro Express 166
Type III Ambulance Conversion
MEDIX Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is an
experienced manufacturer of Chevrolet
Ambulances. In 2001 MEDIX received
Approval from General Motors and
General Motors International Product
Center to perform modifications to the
Chevy Cutaway Van and continues to
perform to the expectations of both
General Motors and MEDIX customers..
We hope this “walk-around” of the Chevy Metro Express 166 Type III
by MEDIX Specialty Vehicles, Inc. will assist you in making an
informed choice about purchasing a Chevy 166.
Chevy Metro Express 166
Type III Ambulance Conversion
Chevy Metro Express 166
Type III Ambulance Conversion
Chevy Metro Express 166
Type III Ambulance Conversion
Chevy Metro Express 166
Type III Ambulance Conversion
Overall Width
Overall Length
Overall Height
Wheel Base
Completed Vehicle Weight- 10,115
Usable Payload- 4,085 lbs.
GVWR – 14,200 lbs.
Front GAWR- 4,600 lbs.
Rear- GAWR- 9,600 lbs.
Chevy Metro Express 166
Type III Ambulance Conversion
Interior Headroom
Floor Length
Aisle Width
The Chassis
TransmissionAutomatic 6-Speed
Rear Axle Ratio- 3.73:1
EngineDuramax 6.6L V-8 Diesel
Fuel Economy - 8-15 mpg
The Chassis
Batteries- Dual 770 CCA
Total CCA- 1,540
In Roll-out tray in Curbside forward
The Chassis
225/75R16 E BSW Tires & Spare
Shipped Loose
Stainless Steel Wheel Liners w/ valve
extensions- optional
Tilt Steering Wheel; Power Windows, Door Locks
& Mirrors; Dual Captain’s Chairs w/tilt back;
AM/FM/CD Radio w/4-spkrs; molded rubber
floor mats
Fuel Fill w/cast aluminum bezel
Environmental Systems
HVAC Unit Output Vents
& Filtered Return Air
Located above Walk-Thru
Free-Blow HVAC System36K BTU Heat- 32K BTU Cool
720 CFM multi-speed fan, Thermostatic
Power Distribution & Control
20 Amp Shoreline Inlet
Vented, latching, hinged door
Located above Walk-Thru
Common component circuit
breakers and relays
Electrical Cabinet
Power Distribution & Control
Front ConsoleSwitch Control Panel,
Panel for Radios, Cup Holders, Siren
Control Head.
Map Book/Report Book Storage Slots optional
Power Distribution & Control
Switch Control Panel
Digital Volt/Amp Meter
Back lighted Legends
Indicator Lamps
Carson SA 500 Siren Control Head,
CPI Thru-the-Bumper
Mounted Siren Speakers
Power Distribution & Control
Rear Action Area
Rear Switch Control Panel
w/HVAC thermostat control
12 VDC Outlet w/cover
125 VAC
Duplex Outlets
Emergency Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Whelen 4500 Halogen, 4-Red, 1-Clear
center, 2- Clear rotators
Whelen 9x7 Red Halogen Warning Lights on all side
and rear corners
Whelen 9x7 Amber Halogen Warning Light rear
Note: Optional 9 x 7 LED Lights replacing
Light Bar shown
Whelen 7x3 Red Halogen Warning Lights on
fenders as Intersection Lights
Whelen 5x2 LED Warning Lights as Grille Lights
Whelen 9x7 Red Halogen Mid-Body
Patient Compartment Interior
Space for the Patient,
Space for the Medic
Ten critically spaced dome lights; two folddown IV Hangers; Overhead grab rail
Optional CPR Seat Configuration
Easy, safe access to
Optional CS Cabinet and
Window over Squad Bench
Patient Compartment Interior
ALS Cabinet- Lower locking; Upper is
open w/shelf or as
Optional Configurations shown
Aisle Width- 37” w/ Std ALS Cabinet
Patient Compartment Interior
Automotive style Technician’s Seat w/ Type
II Lap and Shoulder belt
NOTE: Type I Lap Belt Shown
Steel Cabinet Base Storage w/drop-down
latching door
Shown with optional 125 VAC heater
Patient Compartment Interior
CPR Overhead
Action Area
Storage behind Tech SeatInverter Pre-Wire; Vacuum
Inside/Outside Access
Patient Compartment Interior
Vacuum-Formed Cushions and Pads
Shown with optional Cargo Net
Patient Compartment Interior
CPR Seat &
Overhead Cabinet
Action Area Overhead
Primary Action Area
2nd Action Area, Storage
Patient Care Systems
Vacuum Gauge hard plumbed to vacuum
Pump; Aspirator Canister; dual quick-connect
oxygen outlets (2-in Action Area, 1- over
Squad Bench
Exterior Compartment
Access to Oxygen
Cylinder Retention
Shown with optional Zico
Cylinder Retention
Protective & Safety Surfaces
•Aluminum Diamond Plate
step body& upper threshold
• LED Step Light
•Stainless steel threshold w/safety
grip tape
•Stainless steel threshold w/safety
grip tape
•Aluminum grip strut, flip-up bumper
•Reflective tape on bumper edge
Exterior Compartmentation - Streetside
COMPT 2- Open Storage
w/adjustable shelf
Shown w/optional Spare Tire storage
COMPT 1- Oxygen
Storage; open storage
Shown w/optional Zico
Cylinder Retention Bracket
COMPT 3- Inside/Outside
access w/Adjustable shelf &
open storage below
Exterior Compartmentation - Curbside
COMPT 5- Battery Storage
w/Roll-Out Tray
Cabinet- Inside
/Outside access
COMPT 6- Back Board Storage
w/Adjustable belts
Shown w/ optional divider
Paint, Decals, Lettering
Paint Stripe- Optional
Star-of-Life Decals- Optional
Lettering- Optional
Structural Warranty- 180 Months (15 yrs)
Electrical Warranty- 72 Months/72,000 Miles
Limited Warranty- 12 Months/12,000 Miles
Paint - 48 Months
Contact MEDIX
3008 Mobile Drive  Elkhart, IN 46514 U.S.A.
Ph- 574.266.0911 Fx- 574.266.6669
[email protected]
techs[email protected]
MEDIX Specialty Vehicles, Inc.
3008 Mobile Drive  Elkhart, Indiana 46514 U.S.A.
PH- 574.266.0911 FX- 574.266.6669
Due to on-going product improvements and changing requirements of the ambulance industry, Medix Specialty Vehicles Inc. reserves the
right to change this specification and related product without prior notice and without obligation to change prior product or parts.

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