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About Sigase Solutions Pvt.ltd
Sigase Solutions is a valued provider of network solutions for small
and medium scale enterprises. We enable organizations to equip
with robust network and security infrastructure. Our solutions cover
wide variety of technology services comprising network planning,
implementation and security , surveillance , IP Camera, Wi-Fi, VOIP,
FTTH. The company is headquartered in Bangalore.
Our vision is to facilitate customers to excel in their business by
providing quality, cost effective and highly efficient network and
security solutions.
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Wi-Fi Connectivity Suite
WiFi Service Opportunities
for Educational Campus
Wi-Fi at
Manufacturing Units
Neutral Host Network Solutions
for Enterprise
Freedom to do More!!.
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Increase the Productivity..
Lets make business sense Together.
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Education Connectivity Suite
Anytime, anywhere, secure access within the campus
Today’s students are highly mobile so there is a constant
need for Internet access infrastructure
Faculty need Internet access for knowledge-sharing, online
research/recreation and cost-effective communication
Campus Wi-Fi opens up to possibilities such as:
•Digital media signage
•Web-casting of seminars
•Digital Library
•Virtual Bookstores
•Virtual administrative services for students & faculty
Web : www.sigase.in
Let’s make business sense together
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Key Benefits in Campus..
Enhanced student and guest experience
Bandwidth restriction on per user basis
Quarantine virus infected sites
Multiple login options:
•Campus database,
•Separate staff and guest access
Offers low cost of ownership
Increased campus security & lower insurance costs on Wi-Fi security cameras
Detecting unauthorized ‘rogue’ access points affordably and efficiently
Allows you to monitor each user and device connected to the network
Special packages for conferences and events
Let’s make business sense together
Centralized control of the system and network
Co-branded login page
Comprehensive management and user reports
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Need Wi-Fi
Enterprise Connectivity Suite
Wi-Fi fosters fast and convenient connectivity on the go
Wi-Fi is now powered in Laptops, Desktops, PDAs, Mobile Phones,
Tablets, Kiosks, POS Machines, Printers
•This is driving universal need for WiFi
Dynamic workforce demands mobility networking in workspace, home
office, meetings, telecommuting
Always connected – Access Intranet, Internet and critical business
Enhanced mobility increases Employee Productivity
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Current Challenges
Need for an Open System
Enterprises have or want to deploy various make/models at different timeline
Different deployment scenarios - Standard Access Points (AP), Thin AP with
wireless controllers, Mesh Network etc.
Each manufacturer provides a custom solution for Access control, service
management, network management etc.
Single Sign On necessary
Each enterprises have different repositories for employee data i.e. Active Directory,
LDAP, RADIUS, ERPs or others
Uniform user experience across geographically distributed regional/branch offices
Users can login using their regular corporate credentials
Quality of Service
Different user groups need different bandwidth and usage needs
Customized need for access restrictions and application priorities
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Enterprises Rate Network –High Security
Need for Data and Network Security
Risk of unauthorized access and hacking attacks
Partitioning visitor traffic from employee traffic
Detection and elimination of Rogue Access Points
• IP and MAC address spoofing
• Control on virus traffic and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
Need for a system with DoT & TRAI compliance
SMS-based identity verification
Unique user account through centralized registration
Blocking concurrent access for a given user account
Traffic monitoring capabilities of visited URLs/websites
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Guest Access Solutions..
Easy to deploy
Cost-effective, and easy-to-integrate mobility solution that allows network
connectivity to only employees and visitors
Secure solution without disrupting existing network or deploying costly
parallel infrastructure
Secure and easy guest access
Seamless guest access provided through efficient guest user provisioning
systems and Web authentication mechanisms
Streamlined management and control of guest user policies. Guest traffic can
be segmented from standard network traffic, allowing for increased
customizability and network security
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Features & Benefits of Guest Access Solution
• Plan based access partition
• Layer 2 and Layer 3 support
• Creates separate virtual network for guest traffic
• Flexible architectures
• Flexible access control and
User Policy
authentication, authorization, accounting
• User role templates
•Single-device and multi device
User Provisioning
• Delegate provisioning
• Auto-generate credentials
• Single-click provisioning
• User access scheduling
• Ease of use and efficiency for sponsor or
User Login Portal
• Customizable content and disclaimer
• Intuitive, legal access for guest users
Reporting and Billing
• Provisioning audit trails
• User usage reports
• Billing Reports
• Ability to assess and adapt usage policies
• Ability to monetize access service
• Flexible, customized management
• Granular access policies
provisioning personnel
Basic Network Structure..
SSID 1 – Visitors
SSID 2 – Employees
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Wi-Fi on the Go-Connected Buses
WiFi on the go
Employees spend an average of 3 hours a day, for commuting
High-speed Internet connectivity in company busses fosters productive usage of
commuting time
Employee-delight – pioneer wireless connectivity in busses
On-the-go VoIP connectivity with employees, through WiFi
Employees can connect to the corporate network
How we make it possible
We accelerate the Internet with smart caching, superior data packet
management & traffic shaping
High throughput data cards are used for the Internet backhaul
SSL based login, registration and control traffic
Benefits of Wifi..
Enable your employees to be more productive while travelling to work
Delight your customers by providing guest access while travelling to the campus
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Basic Network Architecture
Education Campus
LAN-DHCP enabled
Public Hotspot
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Ruckus Sailent features.
•Ruckus Patented Smart Wi-Fi Antenna Array Technology – Ruckus's BeamFlex™Technology provides a 2 to
4x improvement in signal range and adaptive signal steering for the industry's most reliable Wi-Fi.
•Automatic Interference Mitigation - automatically adapts to Wi-Fi network changes and continually determines
the best signal path for any given Wi-Fi signal on a per packet basis.
•High-performance Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n (5GHz/2.4GHz) Access Point - Deliver consistent highperformance signals to new 802.11n and legacy 802.11a/b/g clients.
•Smart Wireless Meshing - When used with Wireless LAN zone director, simplifies deployment and reduces
installation cost by eliminating the need to run Ethernet cable to every Smart Wi-Fi access point
•Multiple Ethernet Ports - Local Ethernet ports enable connectivity of wired devices such as printers, registers,
VoIP phones, servers, etc..
•Sleek, Low-profile PoE Enclosure - Easily mount on the ceiling or under a desk to maximize performance
without disturbing aesthetics or requiring a local power supply.
•State-of-the-Art Security - all the latest link layer encryption and authentication mechanisms are included but
made simple to administer and manage.
•Supports IP-based Services - supports concurrent Internet and IP-based video services.
•Advanced Quality of Service and Data Prioritization - QoS and data packet prioritization ensure latencysensitive traffic such as VoIP calls are prioritized over other types of data.
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Wifi on the Go-Connected Buses
VoWiFi enables wireless VoIP connectivity
through WiFi (In de-militarised zones)
Make best use of Hybrid phones
Dual-mode / hybrid phones supporting regular cellular &
WiFi connectivity offer ubiquitous connectivity
They can switch from VoIP to cellular when a user leaves
the WiFi hotspot
Calls through Skype are possible through
some dual
Talk – anytime, anywhere
Greater voice connectivity penetration – in locations
not equipped with conventional phone lines (e.g.
warehouses & basements
Make VoIP calls from any WiFi hotspot outside office
(e.g. hotels, coffee shops, malls etc.)
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SMS Based User Verification..
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Products Used and Key Benifits
Support , Maintenance
High bandwidth characteristics
Ability to carry many signals
Light weight
Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC activity)
Hardware repairs
Maintenance contracts
Back-up and recovery
Does not corrode as rapidly as copper
Immune to interference and eavesdropping
Capability to operate in conjunction with any current Network.
 or Proposed LAN/WAN standard
Ruckus Wireless
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AAA gateway
Pep link Load Balancers
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Ware House solution on Wi fi
Bar code & RFID
Optimize productivity in the production.
Increase productivity, and/or quality beyond that possible with out wires..
Increased Throughput or productivity.
Improved quality or increased predictability of quality.
Improved robustness (consistency), of processes
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Business Model
 Sigase Solutions will undertake installation and maintenance of WiFi network. Dedicated employee will be provided. There is zero
investment from the college.
 Separate leased line will be taken from ISP providers and Sigase
Solutions will bear the internet expenses.
 Sigase Solutions will charge the student and it should be collected
by college administration as part of the fees.
 Sigase Solutions is looking forward for profit sharing business model
with college.
 A minimum of five year agreement has to be reached between the
college and the company.
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Thank you..
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