Aruba Networks

Lync Like You’ve Never
Seen It Before
Wi-Fi Challenges in the Mobile Workplace
3+ mobile devices per user - BYOD
Unpredictable Voice, Video and UC traffic over mobile devices
Sticky clients don’t roam well
Common UC Over Wi-Fi Challenges
Client Side Limitations
Wi-Fi Limitations
RF is a limited bandwidth
WMM traffic prioritization
depends on wired network
No troubleshooting capabilities
for Lync (multiple media types in 1
• High Client Diversity
• BYOD Security and on-boarding
• Client Roaming not optimized
• Client do not support upstream
encrypted stream)
Wired LAN Limitations
• Wired network may lose traffic
priority indicators
• Legacy wired network may
incorrectly tag traffic
• UC Servers are often not
configured to tag
Aruba with Lync: Heuristics or SDN API
Heuristics based detection – Lync traffic is identified based on
known characteristics of Lync Voice and Video. As the Lync traffic
traverses the controller it is inspected and classified as either Voice
or Video and the appropriate QoS settings are applied to them.
(UCOIP: under Networking)
SDN API based detection – Lync traffic is identified through the
integration between the Lync Front End server and the WLAN
controllers via Microsoft’s SDN API. The Lync front End server
sends messages to the Aruba Controller identifying Lync traffic by
type and endpoint.
(UCOIP: under SDN)
QoS for voice, video, and desktop sharing media flows
Real-time monitoring for voice and video call quality
App RF technology enables Lync aware RF Management
Traffic streams as Lync
voice, video and desktop
sharing and tagged
Load balancing and Client
Match ensure reliable voice
and video communications
Traffic Re-tagging
Traffic Re-tagging
SDN API Information
Traffic Prioritization
RF Optimization
The SDN Manager sends
in-call and post-call
statistics to the controller
Voice, Video and Desktop
sharing streams are
appropriately tagged over
LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi
Lync aware adaptive Radio
Management, Airtime
Fairness ensure optimal RF
All Good!
Wi-Fi Problem
Something Else
Identify Client Configuration Errors
Usage Trends
User – “Jenny” – Calls Help Desk
Individual Call Records
User-Specific Trends
End-To-End Visibility
Higher Up-Time
Untethered Mobility
Workplace Collaboration
Happy End Users
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