Exchange info for Wood technology students

Exchange info for Wood
technology students
Wood technology staff
• Country, city
• Are there suitable courses for wood tech.
• Teaching language
• Contact person in the University
• Who has studied there? When? Which courses?
Contact information
• Anything specific about this University?
Politecnico di Torino
• Italia, Torino
• Department of architecture
→ restoration of wooden buildings
• Teaching language → Italian, some in English
• Lauri Rautkari studied autumn 2005, history of
architecture, Riina Luomanpää studied business in
– [email protected], [email protected]
• Suuuuper nice city
Bern University of Applied Sciences
Biel, Switzerland
Wood and Civil Engineering (also master level)
Teaching language → English, German, French
Lauri Rautkari studied/worked 2007-2008
– [email protected]
• Specialized in wood! Good equipment
Suuuuper nice country
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Department of Wood Science & Engineering
Teaching language → English
Lauri Rautkari studied/worked 2009
– [email protected]
• Suuuuper nice to travel around west coast
Chalmers University of Technology
• Sweden, Gothenburg
• There are no directly suitable
courses for wood tech. major
• Teaching language mainly English
• Contact person: Nordtech program in Aalto
• Kristiina Laine has studied there Project management
courses in fall 2008
– [email protected], 050 3841758
• There is a big campus and everything works
really well, I recommend! -Kristiina
Udayana University, Indonesia
• Indonesia, Bali
• Courses of trade and business, language, law and
history (customized study program for all the
• English as teaching language
• Application through Asia Exchange (.com)
• Juha Virmiala in spring 2011, Annukka Hirsi 2010,
Sampo Smålander, Joonas Kanerva…
– [email protected], [email protected]
• Interesting culture
Lund University
• Sweden, Lund
• Are there suitable courses for wood tech.
• Teaching language
• Contact person in the University
• Simo Hiltunen has studied there industrial design,
architecture, environmental psychology, argeology.
– Simo Hiltunen 040 7412096
• Fun and interesting, Simo recommends!
Luleå Universitet
• Sweden, Skellefteå
• There are suitable courses for wood tech. studies,
some might be project work with the industry. A lot
of research in wood science.
• Teaching language is English and Swedish
• Contact person in the University: Micael Öhman,
[email protected], 0910-58 53 74
• Tiina Vainio-Kaila has studied there
– [email protected], 0503789345
– Matti Kairi has contacts
• Nice people, beautiful nature and many activities!
Bangor University, UK
• Bangor, UK
• There may not be any directly suitable courses for the wood
tech. Major, but the school does offer a wide range of forestry
related courses. There is a long tradition in tropical forestry at
the department. Possible internships/work at the
BioComposites centre (also at the university)
• Teaching language: English
• Contact person: not sure who the current contact person is,
but Mark can find out
• Mark Hughes studied/worked there
– [email protected]
• If you’re into mountain & water sports an excellent place!
Napier University, UK
Edinburgh, UK
They run a MSc course in timber engineering
Teaching language: English
Contact person: Best place to start may be the
Mark has contacts
Edinburgh is a lively city!
The studies cost
Specific language test required
University of Natural Resources and
Life Sciences BOKU (Universität für Bodenkultur)
• Austria, Vienna (
• Institute of Wood Science and Technology ->
Wood Technology courses
• English / Germany
• Contact person
– Katja Vahtikari [email protected]
• People how have study in Boku
2005 Jussi Ruponen [email protected]
2006 Lauri Linkosalmi [email protected]
2007 Laura Mattila [email protected]
2008 Pekka Pohjonen [email protected]
• Vienna is nice city with lots of cultural life
Other places
• UBC, wood technology (Antti Tikkanen)
• Ranska, Cluny University, wood technology, (Proff. Remy
• Russia (Jani Laamanen 2011-2012)
• TU Muchen, wood construction (Stefan Winter)
• BOKU, wood and material technology
• New Zeland, Canterberry, wood technology (Eveliina Jutila)
• Australia, Sydney (Teknillinen korkeakoulu)
• Japani, wood construction, Tokyo (teknillinen korkeakoulu),
only little English
• Chile, Conception, mainly in Spanish, radiata pine

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