Chromebook Inservice

Chromebook Inservice
• Meet the Chromebook’s Hardware Features
• Google Accounts and Password Changes
• Wireless Network Connectivity and Login
• Initial screen after logging into Chromebook
• What a Chromebook CAN do
• What a Chromebook CANNOT do
• All About Apps and App Access
• Learning with a Chromebook
Chromebook Hardware Specs
• 3.3 lbs
• 6-8 hours continuous
use on full charge
• Boots in 10 seconds,
resumes instantly
• LED Display:
12.1”, 1280x800
resolution, non-glare
• Intel ATOM processor
• 45-degree lid angle
• 2 GB memory
• USB ports
Stereo speaker
Headphone jack
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Web Cam
Connect to VGA ports
via dongle adapter
TouchPad w/gestures
Power Button
16GB hard drive space
SD card slot
Google Accounts and Passwords
• Password reminder:
– Passwords must be 8 characters minimum. Update
passwords on any PC via CTRL-ALT-DELETE > Change
• All staff and students have MASD Google accounts:
– Google username is same as your Groupwise email
• Personal Google accounts will work on
Chromebooks, but you are advised to use your
MASD Google account only on our Chromebooks for
full support and functionality.
• See MASD Tech Support > Help Sheets > Google
Connecting to Wi-Fi and Logging In
• Power on Chromebook
• Wait 15- 60 seconds for
connection to the
wi-fi network (don’t
use BYOD network)
• Login screen should
appear. Use your MASD Google account login (see
previous slide rules about usernames/passwords)
• ALERT! If error messages pop up, WAIT patiently
for up to two minutes for the login screen to
appear. The Chromebook could be updating itself!
Chromebook’s DESKTOP
• Contains:
– Launcher bar
• Chrome browser icon opens new tab
• No GMAIL on MASD Chromebooks!
• Google, YouTube, current window icons
– Apps
• List Icon
• App Pages
• App Search
Chromebook’s DESKTOP (cont.)
– Status / Settings Area
Battery Indicator
User info
Sign Out / Lock Workstation / Power Off area
Settings (many are controlled by MASD admin;
Chromebook clears settings with each new user login)
– Windows with Window Control
• Drag and dock windows to sides
• Minimize/Maximize Windows
• Resize Windows manually
– Desktop Wallpaper
• Change in Settings, but likely will revert after logoff.
What a Chromebook CAN Do
• Most all work done in Chrome browser.
• View PDF files.
• All Bookmarks, Data, Bookmarks Bar, and App settings stored in
the cloud. Some data can also save to an SD card.
– Much is saved to Google Drive account.
– Control-O to access file manager when Chrome is open.
– ALERT! In the File Manager screen (Ctrl-O), the Downloads area is
wiped after each login. Never save a file to the Downloads area.
Surf web in any wi-fi environment.
Start up fast and last a LONG time!
Download updates automatically upon login.
Built-in Security and Antivirus.
Full Keyboard, Webcam, Microphone
What a Chromebook CANNOT Do
Connect to Network drives (S:, H:, etc.)
Connect to Printers or Scanners just yet
Access any and all webcam apps (e.g. No Skype video)
Access common software like Microsoft Office
Open common files from the File Manager (Control-O). You
must open most from Google Drive account to view, play, listen,
Save Tab Settings (due to CIPA rules in MASD)
Open all apps just because you installed them
(the MASD filter will take priority)
Install specialized software programs
Provide offline access when not in wi-fi zones
Support Java
Apps, Apps, and More Apps!
• Apps are not really “apps” like on iPads. Google “apps”
are really web apps. You need wi-fi!
• Some apps have been preloaded by admin already.
• Any user can install an app from Chrome App Store.
• Classroom management is important here. Know which
apps your students are attempting to install.
• The MASD filter can still block an installed app!
• If you cannot download an app, fill out a tech ticket.
• In Apps List, right-click to delete app from list.
• Apps get stored with the user, not with
the Chromebook.
Learning with Chromebooks
• Web research: Surf the web with Chrome!
• File Creation and Collaboration: Your Google
Drive is connected to your login. You can save
Google docs and other files to your Google Drive
area and pick them up on any web-enabled
• Apps for Learning: Google App store has
thousands of web apps. Explore!
• Google Education community! See links on
MASD Google Education Help Sheets page.
Welcome to Google!

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