The Best Apps for your Education

The Best Apps for your
Temple University
Russell Conwell Center
Online Workshop
By the end of
this workshop,
you should have
some new tools
to increase your
productivity and
achievement at
General Apps Every Student Needs
Sick of studying at
the library but need
the internet access?
Wi-Fi Finder uses your
location to find open
Wi-Fi networks
Wi-Fi access points
can be filtered by
location type. Then,
get directions to your
location of choice, like
the nearest coffee
shop providing open
internet access.
Wi-Fi Finder (FREE)
Click here for a brief review.
The TUmobile app is
specifically for Temple
University students!
Almost anything that
you would like to have
access to on the go
can be found through
this app. For example,
have you ever
wondered how
crowded the TECH
Center is, but weren’t
close enough to a
computer to find out?
This app can tell you
the percentages of
computers available in
each section!
Tumobile (FREE)
Read more about the TUmobile app here.
Let’s face it –
Blackboard should be
your life! Many
Temple professors use
this nifty website to
inform you about
upcoming material
and deadlines, relay
your grades to you,
and even to upload
papers and post
blogs. So what can be
better than
Blackboard right in
the palm of your
Blackboard (FREE)
Need assistance
managing your
expenses? Then this
app (and free website
account) is for you!
First, you need to
have an active and up
to date account with Then,
download this app,
and have access to a
breakdown of your
bank account
balances right on your
phone! (FREE)
Watch a video on the Android app or iPhone app.
The free app
delivers world-class
reference content
-1,000,000 words and
-90,000 synonyms
and antonyms
-Runs without internet
-Includes audio
pronunciations and
similarly spelled
words (FREE)
Watch the commercial here.
Networking and Professional Apps
Linkedin is a
networking site,
which features an
electronic version of
your resume (AKA
your profile), along
with many other
professionals’ in a
variety of career
Linkedin (FREE)
Organization Apps
Any.DO is an app that
helps you plan out
your busy daily
schedule, and move
tasks around if you
would like to get
notifications at
another time.
If you think it is time
to get a little bit more
organized, this might
be the app for you!
Watch a video displaying some of the cool features here.
myHomework is a
tool for tracking
homework in an
Assignments are
tracked by due
date and assigned
a color—red,
orange, or blue—
depending on
their priority.
myHomework (FREE)
Watch a quick tutorial here.
With this organization
app, you can: Add
tasks via email,
receive reminders via
SMS or instant
message, and
organize your list
nearly any way you
can imagine.
Read more:
Remember the Milk(FREE)
Errands To-Do List is
straightforward, and
at a cost of $0,
affordable. Sort tasks
by a number of
different criteria or
arrange them
manually. This app
packs a huge punch
for free.
Read more:
Errands To-Do List (FREE)
iStudiez Pro is an allin-one app for
organizing a collegiate
schedule. It helps
users stay on top of
upcoming tasks, and
major deadlines.
•2010 Best Young
Adults App
•2009 Best App Ever
Award Winner in
Education category!
iStudiez Pro ($2.99)
Want more info? Click here.
Study Apps
Quickly create
beautiful notes in
Super notes. You can
add voice recordings
while you are entering
your notes. Notes are
color coded so they
can be identified at a
quick glance. If you
are looking for an
alternative notes app
for your iPhone and
iPad, you may want to
give this app a try.
Super Note (FREE)
See more here!
If you have not heard
of Khan Academy
before, now is the time
you should explore it!
This app, which is
based off of the website,
allows you to view
video tutorials on a
variety of concepts
ranging in topics such
as math, science,
economics and finance,
and the humanities. If
you are stuck on a
concept in one of your
classes, Khan Academy
is the place to go!
Khan Academy (FREE)
Watch a tutorial here.
Study Blue is an app,
and also a website,
that allows you to
create virtual
flashcards for your
study needs. You can
then review cards and
keep ones that need
further review in a
separate section
within each “deck” of
Study Blue (FREE)
Visit the website here.
SimpleMind “is a Mind
Mapping tool that
turns your iPad,
iPhone or iPod Touch
into a brainstorming,
idea collection and
thought structuring
SimpleMind+ (FREE)
Watch a quick video here.
StudyTracker will help
you stay on track to
achieve your grade
goals. Assess your
performance in each
of your courses to see
where you need to
invest your time.
With StudyTracker
you can:
-log your study
-track your grades
-publish your class
logs to Facebook to be
a good influence on
your fellow RCC
students =)
StudyTracker ($0.99)
Watch the Introduction Video
Mental Case is an
efficient flashcard app
for one’s Mac, iPhone,
or iPad.
It’s well worth the $5
bucks! You can
create endless sets of
flashcards with text,
photo, or audio.
You can also
download existing
flashcard sets from an
online database.
Mental Case ($4.99)
Watch the tutorial here.
Got text anxiety?
This app makes
Andrew Johnson, a
“Relaxation Coach”
from the UK, your
new best study
According to the app’s
listing, Exam Support
will help you focus,
improve concentration
and overcome exam
or test anxiety
through “guided audio
Exam Support w/Andrew Johnson
Book Apps
Created by the
textbook rental
the Chegg iPhone app
is a free tool for
renting textbooks.
Students can find and
order textbooks from
their iPhone by
searching by name or
number, or by
scanning the book’s
barcode with the
phone’s camera.
Chegg (FREE)
This guy is super-annoying, but watch for more info.
This app, only
available for iPhones
or iPods, includes a
bunch of free
lectures, videos, and
books related to
academia. Some of
the courses are even
from Ivy League
iTunes U (FREE)
See more here.
Document Storage Apps
We all have Google
Drive (through your
TUmail account: look
for “Drive” at the
top), so why not have
this app? Share live
documents with
classmates or group
members so that
everyone is kept up to
date when you edit
something. And you
can even edit
documents on your
phone! What’s not to
Google Drive (FREE)
See more here.
EverNote offers
awesome note-taking
This app lets you keep
track of text notes,
web pages,
photographs, and
voice memos. Then,
access them
anywhere, anytime.
Keep track of
lectures, capture
presentations, and
document paper ideas
from anywhere.
Evernote (FREE)
Learn how to use it here.
Again, you can share
files with others, or
just store your own
documents on this
cool app.
Dropbox (FREE)
See more here.
Document Viewing and Reading Apps
Sick of looking at all
the website
advertisements on the
sides of your
readings? Well now
you can clean up
everything you read
to make it a much
more pleasant
Readability (FREE)
See more here.
GoodReader is the
best tool for viewing
and managing large
PDF files on your
iPhone or iPod Touch.
It syncs easily over
Wi-Fi, USB, the
internet, and email,
and integrates with
external servers like
MobileMe, Google
Docs, and DropBox.
Get your read on
while you are riding
GoodReader ($0.99)
Watch the pdf action here.
Or go to:
All of these apps can be downloaded
from the App Store on your iPhone,
Android, and/or Blackberry device.
Happy APPing!
What apps will you be using?
Stop texting and get studying!

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