Module 3 Natural Vs Segregated pathways

Module 3
I Choose
Cam’ Can – Support Worker
Natural Vs Segregated
Natural Pathways and Opportunities
 In
this module we are going to explore
pathways that people with a disability
may take in their lives.
 Natural pathways /Segregated pathways
 What are the typical pathways in life that
a person may take?
 Treading your own path
 Cameron’s story
We all take our own pathways
in life don’t we?
We all have our own journey’s
with experiences that make us
Learn and grow along the way
Challenges and hurdles
Joys and tears
we make mistakes and we learn (or don’t)
Everyone gets to“Tread their own path”
People with a disability are no different of course
except their chosen pathways in life can lead to
a life of inclusion or one of segregation.
 There
are several pathways available to
people with a disability to live their lives.
 One pathway is based upon an ordinary
life, one which assumes an inclusive
society and where you can expect to
experience the same as everyone else…
There are standard expectations,
universal access to life with all it’s warts
and all!
The other is a pathway of
life based upon extraordinary safe and
familiar life based on the assumptions
around people needing to be
segregated and with “people like them”
 Lets
explore what both of these
pathways might look like.
Take these beautiful babes
Exercise – Describe a typical
life pathway for these beauties
 Split
into groups
 Group
1 If a segregated pathway was
taken for Amy what would it look like?
 Group
2 What would a typical life look like
for Bea?
Starting life
The School Years……
Then schools out forever!
 After
school What’s next then?
 If a natural pathway is followed there will
be post school education, TAFE, Uni
maybe or a job in the real world!
 If a segregated pathway is chosen – what
will that look like, likely to be sheltered
workshop and special groups
What would look more
exciting for Amy? This
 Assessment
for post school options going
to a day centre/or a “sheltered”
 Moving into a group home with other
people with a disability that you probably
don’t know.
Or this?
 School mates
 Leavers
 Drunken parties!
 Work, Uni. Tafe
 Going out to live in a unit– failing
back to mum and dad
 Trying again – learning more and having
another go! And so on……
We live in the real world not
service Land
People have choices and pathways to take in life
“ Let’s support people to
Tread their own path”

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