SME event presentation

Super Connected Oxford
Gerrard Barker
IT Programme and Project Manager
Oxford - A City of opportunity – A brand
• 9.5 million visitors per year
• Generating £770 million of income for local Oxford businesses every year
• 4,000 businesses providing 106,000 jobs
• 36,000 students
Super Connected Oxford
2012 Government initiative to improve UK
Broadband by 2015
Rural Broadband - County Council led
Urban Broadband Fund -Oxford is one of the 12 Cities
in Phase 2 announced in 2012, started Summer 2013.
The Oxford Vision
Park & Ride
On the Bus
In the Street
In buildings
Vouchers for
Small and
Medium Size
Super Connected Oxford
The Programme of Projects
• Wi-Fi on Public Transport
• Wireless Concession Scheme
• Wireless Hotspots
• Connection Vouchers Scheme
Wi-Fi on Public Transport
Wireless Concession
In the Street
Every two minutes, we take as many photos as
all of humanity took during the 1800s
Wireless Hotspots
• Free Wi-Fi in all free to enter Public Buildings
26 Community Centres, 8 Libraries, Oxford
University Museums, Town Hall etc.
Connection Vouchers
Deals Too Good To Be True!!! BEWARE!!!
If It Looks Too Good To Be True, IT probably IS!!!
Connection Vouchers
Too good to be true?
£3.1M - that's 1,033 Oxford Businesses who
could claim £3,000!
What is it for?
Why me?
It's trying to make Broadband faster for
everyone, it's about growing business
through faster broadband
Small or Medium Size Business – Charity - Social Enterprise- Sole Trader
Connection Vouchers
Other Districts are considering the
expansion – watch this space!
Connection Vouchers
Suppliers here today will provide you a faster
broadband connection and the scheme is here to pay
for as much as it can.
It's easy to do….
1) Get a quote from a supplier
2) Fill out the application form
3) We pay the supplier direct
Connection Vouchers
What’s the Catch?
There isn't a catch however there are some things
you need to know and some circumstances that
• You need to pay the VAT
• You have to pay the running costs
• It has to be fast >20 \ 30Mbps
• Some areas of Oxford can't get a
service that is cost effective
Connection Vouchers
• Please go and talk to the suppliers
• See what they can do for you and
your business
• Any questions come and see us
• Thank you
Connection Vouchers
• One of the first 50 Voucher
Recipients will win an iPad!
Draw to take place on 4th November 2014 winner to be notified by email
Case Study:
Welcome Natasha Turner from
Partners here today
Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Gavin Spencer
[email protected]
Oxfordshire County Council
Craig Bower
[email protected]
Oxfordshire County Council
Diedre Considine
[email protected]
Mehboob UMARJI
[email protected]
Oxford City Council
Caroline Wood
[email protected]
Oxford City Council
Local Enterprise Partnership
Stephen North
Tony Hart
[email protected]
[email protected]
Suppliers here today
The Oxford Knowledge Centre
Fusion Media
STL Communications
Stream networks
Du Pre Telecommunications
Virgin Media
Mark Salisbury
Neil James
Dominic Webb
Alan Rogers
Liam Morris
Brooke Hornby
Simon Kearney
Rob Adcock
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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