Film Pitch

Film Pitch
By Michael and Aimie
How does our film target a specific audience?
Our film is aimed at a specific audience because its
about aliens and the film is science fiction. Also the
audience will be in the age range between 15+.
This is because the younger generation will not
understand the moral of the story and some children
may find it scary.
We feel that targeting our film at a special audience
will help our film be successful because by the film
trailer you can see who it is the target audience.
Macro + Micro
To decide on a title on our film we began by doing a general brainstorm
about words associated with aliens and science fiction. We used a
thesaurus to see what words that was associated with aliens and science
fiction. We got a short list of words and then had to see which ones worked
well with each other.
We decided that ‘Unknown Breed’ could be an appropriate name for our
film. This is a good name for because no-one knows were the students
come from. They do not know if the students are humans or aliens. This is
apart of a micro decision that we had to consider.
However, we changed our name from ‘Unknown Breed’ to ‘Camouflage’.
This is because we felt this best described the film’s characters as what the
transfer students are. This is because they are camouflaged as humans and
are able to live a normal humans life. This is a Macro decision that had been
Similar Products
There are loads of science fiction films that can be linked to
mu film.
Good examples- ‘The day the earth stood still’.
‘The war of the world’.
The day the earth stood still- the aliens that come to earth on
this movie are for positive reasons, they are trying t save the
The Aliens on war of the world came to destroy the earth. My
film would be most likely compared to War of the world.
Survey Results
The survey I have made is very stereo typical to my genre. I did
this to see what people think stereo typically of a sci-fi film.
People think that the location, costume and characters of sci-fi
films are the same. You can see this by the results I have
received of students.
Target audience- I asked students because they are my target
audience for my film. They do feel that there is a gap in the
market for a sci-fi film. This is how I know that my film will be
successful. Students have clearly stated that they would enjoy a
sci-fi film if it wasn’t so stereo typical. They would like to be
surprised from the film and unexpected. My film has a story line
which wouldn’t fit in a stereo typical sci-fi genre but it does
include Aliens. This is what will show that the film is apart of the
sci-fi genre.
Target Audience
We have made our film suitable for our audience by
receiving our survey results this is because age
ranges after 15+ felt there was a gap in the market
for a science fiction film.
our survey results showed us that our target
audience wanted a unique setting and not plain
simple and easy to guess.
Genre Conventions
We have created our film into a thriller because there
is always and element of excitement. Also in our
movie there is a lot of suspense and tension.
Our film also comes under the category of a thriller
because we hope that when the audience watch the
film they get an adrenaline rush.
A thriller is normally based on on a villain-driven plot.
Also they create obstacles that the protagonist has to
The research that we received about feminist. is that
films use women as sexual objects to attract the male
We feel that as our actors are not 16+ it is
inappropriate to use as sexual objects.

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