Chapter 6
The remarkable Incident of Dr Lanyon
The entire nineteenth century was often concerned with the
concept of a ‘double self’ or ‘twin’, often referred to as a
This 19th century genre began with a story about a type of
double, when Dr Frankenstein created his monster in 1818.
The Doppelgänger was a good excuse to explore a darker side of
human nature.
It has been argued that Hyde is Jekyll’s doppelgänger. This allows
Jekyll to murder and steal without feeling guilt.
Create a Mr Hyde head. Add to the following
quotes and place them inside his head
Heavy cane
Ill-contained impatience
Great flame of anger
Stamping of his foot
Brandishing his cane
Mad man
Wicked looking
Match the Character with the
1. Dr. Henry
Jekyll/Edward Hyde
A. Dr. Jekyll's butler.
B. A friend of Jekyll, he disagrees with his
scientific principles.
C. A kind old man and an MP – he was
brutally murdered by Hyde.
2. Dr. Lanyon
3. Mr. Utterson
D. The lawyer, whose character plays the
part of narrator.
4. Poole
E. Mr. Utterson's acquaintance, he is the
first to mention Hyde to Utterson.
5. Mr Enfield
F. A doctor who has covered up a secret
life full of bad and cruel deeds, he feels
as if he is always fighting within himself
between what is good and what is evil.
6. Sir Danvers Carew
Chapter 6 - Recap
1. Why has Mr. Utterson become calm again in
regard to Mr. Hyde?
• Mr. Hyde has disappeared- he left his house
2. What “new life” has begun for Dr. Jekyll?
• He has become healthy again- he is out againgiving dinner parties
3. Why does Mr. Utterson visit Dr. Lanyon?
• He is concerned about Jekyll’s health because
Poole keeps turning him away.
1. Is it a pleasant visit? Why or why not?
• No, Dr. Lanyon is very ill- he does not want to
see Jekyll any more
2. Why does Mr. Utterson write to Dr. Jekyll?
He asks Jekyll why he and Lanyon are fighting
3. What does Dr. Jekyll ask Mr. Utterson to do?
• He asks Utterson to respect him by giving him
privacy and solitude and refers to something
terrible he has done.
1. What happens to Dr. Lanyon?
• He dies.
2. What is strange, in Mr. Utterson’s opinion,
about this quote in Lanyon’s letter?
“… not to be opened till the death or
disappearance of Dr. Henry Jekyll.”
• It is the same words used in Dr. Jekyll’s will
3. Does Mr. Utterson’s view of Dr. Jekyll change?
• No, but he soon stops visiting Jekyll as much
because he gets turned away
Find the phrases that describe the changes in Dr
• “he had his death-warrant
written legibly upon his
• “rosy man had grown pale”
• “his flesh fallen away”
• “he was visibly balder and
• “deep-seated terror”
• “ill looks”
• “a doomed man”
Remarkable Incident of Dr Lanyon – Answer these questions in
full sentences
1. What is it exactly that frightens Dr Lanyon? What does Stevenson suggest
he has learnt more about when he says that if we knew all we would be glad
to die?
2. Where and why does the symbol of the locked door reappear in this
3. Find another example of something being locked or sealed against Mr
4. The Police are investigating Hyde’s life. During the past year, he has
apparently practised many vile and violent deeds. Find quotes from the first
paragraph to back this statement up. (These ‘deeds’, it can only be
supposed, refer to unsuitable sexual behaviour; something that was not only
frowned upon by the Victorians, but also feared.)
5. What do you think the following statement means: ‘The death of Sir Danvers
was, to his way of thinking, more than paid for by the disappearance of Mr
Hyde.’ Do you agree?
6. Explain Utterson’s reluctance to read Lanyon’s statement until after ‘the
death or disappearance ‘ of Dr Jekyll.
Extension: Should he have opened the letter or not? Explain your views.

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