6 th Grade Schedule - Eckstein Middle School

Eckstein Middle School
Welcome to Eckstein’s
Grade Information Night
Sherri Kokx, Principal
Tonight’s Presentation
• Introduction and Mission/Vision-Sherri Kokx
• Middle School Model/Core
Curriculum/Electives/Support-Denise Espania
• Music Department-Brad Smith
• Transition/Support Activities-Dan Rosen
• Community Learning Center-Kate Tovias
• Reducing Barriers to Learning-Kelly Kerby
• 6th Grade Life-Our Awesome Panel of 6th Graders
Sherri Kokx
• Principal
 [email protected]
 206-252-5010
• Science Teacher 9 years
• Assistant Principal North Middle School-2.5 years
• Principal Eisenhower Middle School-3 years
Eckstein’s Mission & Vision
 Eckstein is a community of life long learners working
together to help students reach their full potential.
 Graduates are emotionally healthy, self-confident,
resilient, and responsible world citizens ready for
high school and beyond. By the time they leave
Eckstein, all students will read, write and do math
at standard or above.
 Every Student Achieving, Everyone Accountable.
Core Curriculum and Electives
Denise Espania, Assistant Principal
• Core Curriculum
Language Arts
Social Studies
• Electives
 Music
 Art
 World LanguagesGr.7/8
 Computer Science
Support Classes and Interventions
• Read 180
• I Can Learn Math
• Catch Up Café
• Support Homerooms
• After School Homework Center, Mathletes,
ELL, Mandatory After School Homework
 These are all done in conjunction with Seattle
Parks and Rec
 We are hopeful that we will receive the Levy
Grant to continue supporting our students
Math Placement
• Most 6th graders are placed into 6th grade math
• Spectrum students are placed into 7th grade
• APP students are placed into 8th grade math
• All students are given a placement test to be
sure they are placed in the right class
• At this time, Eckstein offers Math 6, 7, 8,
Algebra and Geometry
6th Grade Schedule
• 1st Period – 7:50 – 8:45 Math
• 2nd Period – 8:50 – 9:45 LA
• 3rd Period – 9:50 – 10:45 Science
• 4th Period – 10:50- 12:20 Social Studies
and Lunch
• 5th Period – 12:25 – 1:20 Music or Art
• 6th Period – 1:25 – 2:20 PE/Tech
Eckstein’s Music Department
• Director of bands – Mr. Escobedo
[email protected]
• Director of Orchestras – Mr. Smith
[email protected]
• School phone 252-5010
• http://ecksteinband.ecksteinms.seattleschools.org/
• orchestra.ecksteinms.seattleschools.org/
Bands, Jazz Bands & Vocal Jazz
Beginning Band – Mr. Boscole (all grades) mostly 6th-No
Junior Band - Mr. Escobedo-Interview-email Mr. Escobedo
Intermediate Band – Escobedo-Audition (all grades) mostly
Intermediate Jazz Band – Escobedo Audition (all grades)
mostly 7th
Wind Ensemble – Escobedo-Audition (all grades) mostly 8th
6. Junior Jazz – Escobedo (CLC)
None-Tuesdays & Thursdays
from 2:35-4:30(all grades) mostly 6th
7. Senior Jazz Band & Combos – Escobedo-Audition (all grades)
mostly 8th
8. Vocal Jazz I – Escobedo-Audition (all grades) – mostly 7th & 8th
9. Vocal Jazz II – Escobedo (all grades) mostly 6th & 7th
1. Beg Orchestra – Mr. Smith-No auditions(all grades) mostly 6th
2. Junior Orchestra – Mr. Smith-Interview-(all
grades) mostly 6th-May 20th-24th email Mr.
3. Intermediate Orchestra - Mr. SmithAudition-(all grades) mostly 7th
4. Senior Orchestra – Mr. Smith-Audition-(all
grades) mostly 8th
Transition and Support
Dan Rosen-Counselor
• 6th Grade Orientation – Stepping Up To Success
• Grade Level Counselors
Stepping Up to Success-1st Day
7:20-7:30 Students and parents/guardians
arrive on campus, check lists for their
Homeroom/Advisory teacher and the room
number, and report to auditorium.
7:30 – 8:15 Opening session in the Auditorium
for students and parents/guardians
• 8:00 Students dismissed to their homerooms
• 8:15 Parents/Guardians dismissed to the
Cafeteria for the PTSA Parent Coffee Hour.
Stepping Up continued
• 8:10-8:45 Homeroom/Advisory (Period 7)
 Planners and First Day Packets:
 Schedules
 Buddies
• 8:50-9:10 6th Grade Introduction Assembly
in the Auditorium
 Principal, Assistant Principal, and Counselor:
Welcome, Introductions, Expectations.
• Mini –schedule of classes (10 minutes per
class except period 1) from 11:20-1:10
Stepping Up continued
• 1:20 – 2:20 Homeroom/Advisory (Period 7)
 Review Bus Assignments.
 Review Thursday’s schedule with special
attention paid to period 7 and lunch. Lunches will
be by grade level for Tues and Thurs. First lunch
is 6th; second lunch is 7th; and third lunch is 8th.
 Team building
 Reflection Have students reflect on the day and
What is WEB?
WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) designed to help transition 6th
graders into middle school
Before school starts, all incoming 6th graders are invited to attend a
WEB Orientation.
During the Orientation, students participate in a number of fun
games and activities to help them feel comfortable being in a new
Most of the time is spent with a small group of 6th graders and 8th
grade WEB leaders .
The WEB leaders also visit 6th grade homerooms about once a
month to teach a lesson about being successful in school or to
spend more time getting to know each other.
In May, the WEB leaders put on a carnival after school for all of the
6th graders.
Eckstein Community
Learning Center
Funded through 2011 Families and Education Levy
Study Hall
ELL Student
Catch Up Café
•2 Semesters of
Programs (13 weeks
•October to January
•February to May
Examples of
high quality,
-Graffiti Art
-Run and Read
-Get Your
Game On!
Please contact Kate Tovias with questions
regarding after school programs – 206-2525104 or [email protected]
Reducing Barriers to Learning
Kelly Kerby, Intervention Specialist
• Lifeskills Curriculum
• Strengthening Families
6th Grade Student Life
Michael Veillon (John Stanford)
Bethany Belina (Thorton Creek)
Jenny Cook (Olympic View)
Clara Rasmussen (Thorton Creek)
Michelle Yokoyama (Laurelhurst)
Ari Brown (Sacajawea)
Charlie Clark (View Ridge)
Rebeka Berhanu (Daniel Bagley)
Charlie Yanny (Sacajawea)
Sulayman El-Mehrik (Loyal Heights)
PTSA and Volunteering
• Tobi Bet-Eckstein’s PTSA President
• LauraLeigh Young-Getting Involved at
The PTSA is the largest volunteer organization whose sole purpose is to help ALL
As parents, we can be a powerful voice for your children and other children,
influencing legislature and streamlining communications.
We want the community to be aware of issues in the public schools.
We want them to be involved in the decision-making process.
Some of our accomplishments in 2012-2013 have been:
Pack for Kid Program
Building improvements
Educational Parent Nights
Family Events – Annual Dances, Family Nights
School Communication through The School’s Weekly Newsletter & intermittent E-mail
Updates, Web Site, upcoming Blog!
Essential School and Staff Support
Box Tops for Education
If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, we have lots of opportunities! We very
likely have something that will fit your interests and the amount of time you can
spend, so go to http://www.ecksteinms.seattleschools.org/PTSA and have a look for
how you can get involved next year.
We also have a sign-up sheet available outside on the table & happy to chat after the

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