TMHS Award Ceremony - Thompson Public Schools

TMHS Award Ceremony
Welcome to the 2012-2013 Award Assembly!
Jazz Band
Clubs & Activities Video
Our 2013 Award Winners!
Valedictorian Honor Class of 2013
Lauren Biernacki
Salutatorian Honor Class of 2013
Ashley Stanley
OLIVIA ARSENAULT: George Eastman Young Leaders Award
SAMANTHA BENTLEY: Social Studies Awards
LAUREN BIERNACKI: Mathematics Awards, The Ronald Reagan Presidential
Foundation Award, Valedictorian Honor Class of 2013
ANNA CARR: Art Award
ANDREW CODERRE: Rensselaer Medal Award, D.A.R. U.S. History Award
TRAVIS DURAND: Library Award
JULIA EDDY: Connecticut Society of CPAs Outstanding High School Accounting
Award, Library Award
TAYLOR FEIGE: Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology Award
Academic Award Winners
JESSICA GATINEAU: World Language Award
NATALIA GIL: Congressional Certificate of Merit
MICHAELA JOHNSON: English Award, Science Award, Social Studies Award
SAGE KING: Telegram & Gazette Student Achievement Award
JULIE KOPACZ: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Award
EMILY LANGLOIS: Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, Mathematics Award,
Music Award
ERIC MAGOFFIN: Physical Education Award, Science Award, Social Studies Award
HAYLEE OLSON: Family-Consumer Science Award
COLYN PETRE: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Award
FURU SHERPA: Technology Education Award
More Academic Award Winners
ASHLEY STANLEY: Salutatorian Honor Class of 2013
ANDREW VALENTINE: World Language Award
MARISSA WARE: English Award
BRIANA WRUBLESKI: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Award
EVEN More Academic Award
Lauren Biernacki
Sage King
Ashley Stanley
Brianna Wrubleski
Julia Eddy
Natalia Gil
Julie Kopacz
Amber Young
Colyn Petre
Matthew Lubomirski
Kevin Poitras
Shane Alexander
Nicole Tetreault
Emily Langlois
Samantha Bentley
Emily Dickson
Olivia Arsenault
Michael Jezierski
Andrew Coderre
Halie Poirier
Morgan Cacciapouti
Casey Adams
Benjamin Brissette
National Honor Society
Taylor Feige
Gunjan Sali
Gary Toloczko
Dana Petre
Nicole Dion
Elizabeth Coty
Eric Magoffin
Andrew Valentine
Matthew Valentine
Trevor Svec
Allison Tupaj
Dheric Seney
Haylee Olson
McKenna Wilson
Julie Szamock
Jacqueline Scanlon
Marissa Ware
Timothy Chisholm
Welcome, National Honor
Society New Inductees
Jillian Berthiaume
Lauren Biernacki
Benjamin Brissette
Diana Cabrera
Morgan Cacciapouti
Kimberly Fafard
Taylor Feige
Cody Rogers
Samantha Vear
Molly Ware
Kyle Wilson
Integrity Plus Award
And this
Now this
head this
7 Inning Stretch
Athletic Award Winners
Coaches’ Award – Michael Adams
Most Improved – James Duarte & Michael Benkowski
ECC League Honorable Mention – Jacob Roy
ECC Sportsmanship Award – Michael Adams
Boys’ Soccer
Coach’s Award – Nicole Dion, Julie Kopacz, Colyn Petre
Most Improved Player – Briana Wrubleski
ECC Sportsmanship Award – Colyn Petre
XARA’s Coach’s Award – Julie Kopacz
Girls’ Soccer
Most Valuable Player – Cody Rogers
Coach’s Award – Benjamin Carr, Dheric Seney
ECC Sportsmanship Award – Cody Rogers
Boys’ Cross Country
Coach’s Award – Taylor Youngsma
ECC Sportsmanship – Jessica Dodd
Girls’ Cross Country
Most Improved – Jessica Dodd
Coach’s Award – Jacqueline Scanlon
Most Valuable Player – Daniel Ross
ECC Sportsmanship – Cody Rogers, Jacqueline Scanlon
Indoor Track
Most Improved – Jessica Lindell
Coach’s Award – Molly Ware, Karina Falco
ECC Sportsmanship – Amber Young, Nicole Tetreault
ECC All Stars – Amber Young, Alexandra Groh
Winter Cheerleading
Most Improved – Michael Jezierski
Coach’s Award – Kaevon Safford
ECC All Star – Kaevon Safford
ECC Honorable Mention – Michael Jezierski, Shawn Houle
All Area 1st Team Norwich Bulletin – Kaevon Safford
Boys’ Basketball
Most Improved Player – Lydia Corttis
Defensive Player of the Year – Nicole Dion
ECC Sportsmanship – Colyn Petre
Clipper Classic Academic Team – Colyn Petre
Girls’ Basketball
Most Valuable Player – Briana Wrubleski
Coach’s Award – Nicole Dion
Most Improved – Jacqueline Scanlon
ECC All Star HJ – Dana Petre
Girls’ Outdoor Track
Most Valuable Player – James Bellows
Coach’s Award – Kevin Poitras
Most Improved Player Award – Jack O’Connell
Boys’ Outdoor Track
Most Valuable Player – Michael Jezierski
Two Man Award – Jacob Roy
Phil Mick Award – Andrew Santerre
ECC All Star – Mike Jezierski, Jacob Roy, Brandon Bonnette, Andrew Santerre
ECC Honorable Mention – Andrew Coderre
Most Valuable Player – Ashley Gendreau
Most Improved Player – Nicole Tetreault
Coach’s Award – Elizabeth Coty
ECC All Star DP – Ashley Gendreau
ECC Honorable Mention – Halie Poirier
ECC Sportsmanship – Nicole Tetreault
Most Valuable Player – Benjamin Brissette
Come Back Player of the Year – Ty Anderson
Most Improved Player – Shane Alexander
ECC All Star INF – Benjamin Brissette
ECC Honorable Mention – Ty Anderson
ECC Sportsmanship Award – Shawn Houle
Tri-M Music Honor
Emily Langlois
Olivia Arseneault
Casey Adams
Halie Poirier
Michael Jezierski
Carissa Lueth
Sage King
Mellissa Velez Hilton
Alyssa Juszczyk
Nicole Tetreault
Sam Fontaine
Ashley Gendreau
Kim Fafard
Natalia Gil
Angela Burgess
Kaelin Anderson
Music Honors Awards
• Stay Tuned During
Monday’s Morning
• Music students will be
recognized tomorrow
night at their Awards
Banquet! Congratulations
to the soon-to-be award
A Note About Music Awards…
CMEA ALL EASTERN Music Festival:
Congratulations Carissa Lueth, Kimberly Fafard, and Casey Adams
Congratulations Carissa Lueth, Kimberly Fafard, Melissa Velez-Hilton,
Olivia Areseanault, and Emily Langlois
Congratulations Carissa Lueth, Mellissa Velez-Hilton, and Emily Langlois
Morgan Cacciapouti and Casey Adams and Ben Brissette have been selected to
represent Tourtellotte Memorial High School in the Boys & Girls American Legion week
long leadership conference focusing on government.
Alexandria Groh will be attending the CT State Police Youth Week, sponsored by the
American Legion in August.
Each year the Putnam Rotary Club sponsors one or two sophomores to attend the Rotary
Youth Leaderships Awards at Springfield College. This year, Alyson Tupaj and Trevor
Svec have been nominated to attend. In the past years the students who attended have
been very motivated and energized. We thank the Rotary Club for financing and providing
this opportunity to our students.
Derick Seney was chosen to participate in Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Week
(HOBY) this summer. The students are selected because they have demonstrated the
potential to lead others. Derick will be engaging in lifelong leadership development
opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their highest potential.
Guidance Awards
Lauren Biernacki, Colyn Petre, and Brianna
Wrubleski worked with Mr. and Mrs. Toth
Mr. Tourtellotte Himself
Students in the Armed Services
Lee Gendron
Perfect Attendance
Yearbook Dedication
Teacher Awards 2013—Congratulations! Each teacher was allowed to choose only
one student from all of their classes to give a special award. They chose these
• Mrs. Anderson’s Most Improved Musician Award—Amber Corporale
• Mr. Bruce’s Most Improved Award—Nicholas Dimopoulos
• Mrs. Carchia’s Meritorious Award—Molly Ware
• Mr. Charron’s Excellent Effort and Attitude Award—Brielle Robbins
• Mr. Child’s Leading By Example Award—Ashley Menzone
• Mrs. Coderre’s Outstanding Yearbook Intern—Jennifer Lambert, Jessica DiPirro
• Mr. Daigle’s Excellence in Art Award—Chelsea Patterson
• Ms. Daigle’s Most Improved Award—Kyle Wilson
• Mr. Duprey’s Effort, Interest, and Achievement Award—Ryan Strange
• Mrs. Ferri’s Family and Consumer Science Department’s Child Development
Award—Alyssa Juszczyk
• Mrs. Fusco’s Desire to Succeed Award—Jared Annis
Teacher Awards
Mrs. Healey’s and Mrs. Incera’s Outstanding Effort & Perseverance in Algebra I Award—
Abigail Poirier
Mrs. Kiff’s CP Biology Award—Sophie Connor
Mr. O’Brien’s Exemplary Effort in Psychology—Chelsea Patterson
Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Coderre’s Most Improved Since Freshmen Year Award—Brandon
Mrs. Ouillette’s Neon Award—Kiki Lueth
Mr. Perreault’s Outstanding Effort Award—John Provasoli
Mr. Pisaturo’s Humanitarian Award—Randyn Morin
Mr. Poirier’s Grade 9 Science Effort Award—Jared Annis
Mr. Prentiss’s Determination Award-Travis Durand
Ms. Russo’s Exceptionally Interested and Opinionated Award—Alexandria Normandin
Ms. Shaw’s Citizen and Public Service Award—Jacob Hallene
Mrs. Sokoloski’s Science Scholar Award—Stephen Chlapowski
Mrs. Spinelli’s Model PE Student Award—Christina Kopacz
Mr. TenEyck’s Vice President of Logistics and Synergy Dynamics Award—Carissa Lueth
Mrs. Toth’s Enthusiastic Learner Award—Pamela Fontaine
Mrs. Tupaj’s Business Department’s Best Effort Award—Julie Kopacz
Ms. Williams’s Outstanding Effort Award—Natalia Gil
We must like you…
A video, brought to you by: Mr. O’Brien!
• And now, a few words to recognize our Class of 2013!
Senior Messages

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