The Twenty-One Balloons

By William Pene du Bois
PowerPoint by Amelia, Hadley, and
• Professor Sherman is
found in the Atlantic
ocean, stranded in the
debris of 21 hot air
• Professor Sherman is
loyal to the Western
American’s Explorers
Club, so he won’t tell any
one about his journey
until he tells his club.
• The people of San
Francisco are getting
ready for Sherman to
tell of his amazing
• Professor Sherman first
tells of his hot air
balloon house, called the
in the beginning of the
book, the characters are…
• Professor Sherman
• Captain Simon
• Mayor
• Professor Sherman is
loyal to his club, and
• Captain Simon is
generous and
interrogating because he
wants to know about
Professor Sherman’s
journey after rescuing
• The Mayor is very nice to
give Prof. Sherman the
Key to the City, but
annoying for asking for
prof. Sherman’s story in
• Prof. Sherman does not
want to be a teacher.
• He is found stranded in
the Atlantic ocean.
• The volcano starts to
Prof. Sherman does not
have a parachute.
He tries to go in a hot air
balloon for a year.
He is saved by the S.S.
They use the platform to
He lands in the Atlantic
ocean after everyone
has used their parachute.
• Professor Sherman’s
balloon pops and he lands
on Krakatoa
• He is found by Mr. F
(simply Mr. F,)
• Mr. F shows Prof. Sherman
the diamond mines.
• The citizens of Krakatoa
live under a Gourmet
In which every person has a
day of the month to cook
food for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner.
• Prof. Sherman learned
about the history of
Krakatoa, and the founder,
Mr. M.
• Prof. Sherman is shown Mr.
M’s Moroccan style house.
• Mr. M and Mr. F
• Traits
• Mr. F is generous and
thoughtful for giving
Prof. Sherman a house to
stay in.
• Mr. M is kindhearted
and unselfish because he
let Prof. Sherman see his
• Prof. Sherman goes on
the Airy-Go-Round.
• They flew over the gases
of the volcano. It was
smoking badly.
• Mr. F and Prof. Sherman
went in the water to cool
off. The ground was
violently waving.
• Mr. F shows Prof.
Sherman the escape
plan in case the volcano
• The volcano erupts and
the people take off on
the balloon platform.
• Prof. Sherman crashes
the platform in the
Atlantic ocean where he
is found.
San Francisco
The Globe
Atlantic Ocean
S.S. Cunningham
New York

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