Rocklin High School Choir 2013

Rocklin High School Choir
Mr. Spiess
RHS Choral/Vocal, Piano Lab, AP Theory, AVID12
RHS Choirs at a glance…
3 Choirs at RHS
“Concert Choir” —Mixed Non-Auditioned
46 Members—42 Female, 4 Male
“Advanced Women's Ensemble” —(AWE) Auditioned
42 Members
“Chamber Choir” —Mixed Auditioned
34 Members—18 Female, 16 Male
“Thunder Choir” —Combined Choir of all RHS Singers
122 Singers Total
RHS Choirs into the future…
4 Choir Classes at RHS
Concert Choir —Mixed Non-Auditioned
“Advanced Women's Ensemble” —(AWE) Auditioned
“Chamber Choir” —Mixed Auditioned
RHS Men’s Ensemble 2014-15
“Thunder Choir”—Combined Choir of all RHS Singers
Other Courses Offered:
Piano Lab
AP Music Theory
Each student is graded on:
•Daily Performance and Participation
•Music Rehearsal and Preparation
•Concert Attendance
•Basic Music Theory Tests
•Voice Checks
A course syllabus is online for you to see
Performance Season
Concerts are Mandatory
Tickets may be purchased by public
(all seating is general admission)
All Concerts dates can be found online at
First Concert—Creepy Concert October 26th
Winter Concerts—December 10th, 11th
Concert Attire
RHS Dresses and Tuxedos are required!
Dresses and Tuxedos may be purchased through the
choral department
Approximate Cost:
Tuxedos $99.00 (not including tax/shipping)
(All Wool, 5-7Piece)
Dresses $55-75 (not including tax/shipping)
Some dresses and tuxedos are available for reduced price but supply is limited.
All Students may participate in RHS Choir
Fundraising to pay for tuxedos and dresses and Trips
Choir Tour
Currently planning and looking for a venue
Past trips to Disneyland, San Francisco, Hawaii, Vancouver and New
York City (Carnegie Hall)
Fundraisers will be provided throughout the year to help offset costs.
Tour Dates and Price: TBA (Spring 2014)
Parent Volunteers Needed for Planning,
Organizing and Chaperones!
[email protected]
RHS Choir Connect
New School Website
Student/Parent Connection
Concert Choir: MTKQ9-HCDDS
Women’s Ensemble: XVX9B-HGXDF
Chamber: X7C7Z-NVMNT
Teacher Email
[email protected]
[email protected]
Get Involved!
Successful HS Choral Departments need Students AND
Parent/Community Members
Will you consider Helping grow our program?
Supporter Needed in these areas….
•Planning and Organizing (Concerts, Events, Trips, Fundraisers)
•Concert Attire (Measurements/Sizing, Alterations etc…)
•Recording and Producing Audio and Video
•Community Connection
•Piano Accompanists and Vocal Coaches
•Fundraising Assistants NEEDED!
Teacher Email
[email protected]
[email protected]
Thank You
For Coming Tonight!
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any
reason. I would love to see how we connect
you with RHS Choir to make this year a
complete success for your student.
Mr. Spiess
RHS Choral/Vocal, Piano Lab, AP Theory, AVID12

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