HOLES - Hackettstown School District

By Louis Sachar
Main Characters
• Stanley Yelnats-called “Caveman” by the other boys/sent to “Camp Green
Lake” because he supposedly stole a pair of sneakers/doesn’t have a lot of
friends/ a little overweight
• The Warden-in charge of “Camp Green Lake”/not very nice
• Mr. Sir-works at “Camp Green Lake”/not very nice
• Mr. Pendanski-works at “Camp Green Lake”/can be nice at times
• The boys of Camp Green Lake
– Zero-his real name is Hector Zeroni-becomes friends with Stanley/Stanley
teaches him to read
– Zigzag-his real name is Ricky
– Armpit-his real name is Theodore
– Magnet-his real name is Jose
– X-Ray-his real name is Rex
– Squid-his real name is Alan
*Clyde “Sweet Feet” Livingston- donated the sneakers Stanley is accused of
Main Characters Continued
• These characters we learn about in flashbacks
• Miss Katherine-a.k.a. “Kissing Kate Barlow” a
schoolteacher turned bandit from 100 years ago
• Sam-sold onions and helped Miss Katherine
• Elya Yelnats- Stanley’s great-great grandfather
who started the “curse” by stealing a pig
• Madame Zeroni-tried to help Elya but he stole
her pig instead so she put a “curse” upon him and
his family.
• Camp Green Lake-now
• There is no lake just a
dry, flat and hot dessert
• Where Stanley is sent
for his crime
• Lots of snakes,
scorpions and yellow
spotted lizards
Green Lake-town over 100 years ago
A small town with a schoolhouse
There was a big lake
Where Miss Katherine and Sam lived
Chapters 1-4
• “Camp Green Lake” is described and you
find out why Stanley is sent there.
• Stanley was convicted of stealing a pair of
sneakers that were donated by a famous
athlete. Stanley claims they fell from the
• Stanley arrives at “Camp Green Lake” and
given his clothes and gear. He is also given
instructions to dig a hole every day.
Chapters 5-9
• Stanley meets Mr. Pendanski and some other
• You learn more about Clyde “Sweet Feet Livingston”
and the story behind Stanley “stealing” the sneakers
• Stanley starts digging his first hole. It is hard work and
he is the last one to finish.
• You learn about Stanley’s great-great grandfather, Elya
Yelnats, and Madame Zeroni
• You learn about the yellow-spotted lizards
• Armpit and X-Ray give Stanley a nickname, “Caveman”
Chapters 10-14
• Stanley finds a fossil in the dirt.
• Stanley and the other boys talk with Mr.
Pendanski about what they want to do with their
• Stanley found something in the dirt ( along tube
with the initials KB on it) and gives it to X-Ray as
• The Warden gives X-Ray the day off from digging
since she thinks he found something
Chapters 15-19
• Stanley realizes that the boys are definitely
digging holes to find something, something that
the Warden wants.
• Stanley gets a letter from his mom and feels a
little better.
• Stanley gets hit in the head by a shovel but
continues to dig.
• Zero admits that he can’t read and asks Stanley to
teach him.
• Magnet stole some of Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds
but Stanley takes the blame for it.
Chapters 20-23
• Stanley and Mr. Sir go to see the Warden about
Stanley stealing Mr. Sir’s seeds.
• The Warden scratches Mr. Sir’s face and leaves
marks from the rattlesnake venom.
• Stanley offers to teach Zero how to read. Zero
says that he will help Stanley dig his hole in
• You learn more about Miss Katherine and the
Green Lake from 110 years ago.
• You meet Trout Walker, another resident of Green
Chapters 24-27
• Mr. Sir doesn’t give Stanley any water because he is
mad at him.
• You learn more about Green Lake, Sam “The Onion
Man” and Miss Katherine.
• Miss Katherine and Sam kiss which angers the town
people of Green Lake.
• Sam is killed and Miss Katherine’s schoolhouse is
burned down by the townspeople.
• Miss Katherine becomes “Kissin’ Kate Barlow” an
outlaw who steals money.
• Some of the boys get upset that Zero is digging
Stanley’s hole.
Chapters 28-31
• Kissin’ Kate Barlow comes back to Green Lake and is
attacked by Trout Walker and his wife because they
want her treasure.
• Kate doesn’t tell them where it is, gets bitten by a
yellow-spotted lizard and dies.
• Some of the boys fight with Stanley about Zero digging
Stanley’s hole.
• Zero runs away from camp without any water or food.
• The Warden doesn’t send anyone to find Zero and tries
to destroy all records with Zero’s name on it so it looks
like he never existed.
Chapters 32-36
• A new kid is assigned to Stanley’s group to take
the place of Zero.
• Stanley steals Mr. Sir’s truck because he wants to
go find Zero. He crashed into a hole, gets out of
the truck and decides to head for the mountains
instead of going back to the camp.
• Stanley finds Zero who is very sick and thirsty.
• Stanley and Zero decide to try to get to the
• Stanley and Zero reach the mountain and start to
climb it.
Chapters 37-42
• Stanley picks up Zero and carries him up the rest of the
• Stanley finds some water finally and some onions
which they eat.
• Zero tells Stanley that he stole the shoes from the
shelter (the reason why Stanley was sent to Camp
Green Lake).
• There is a flashback to the town of Green Lake and
Sam, “The Onion Man”.
• Zero and Stanley decide to go down the mountain, find
a shovel and dig holes to try and find the “treasure”.
Chapters 43-46
• Zero tells Stanley about his life before coming to Camp
Green Lake.
• They quietly sneak closer to the camp being very careful
not to be seen.
• Stanley and Zero dig holes at night, trying to find the
• They find a suitcase in one of the holes.
• The Warden, Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski find the boys and
try to take the suitcase.
• There are yellow-spotted lizards climbing all over Stanley
and Zero.
• You find out that Stanley was cleared of his “crime” and
was due to be released from Camp Green Lake.
Chapters 47-49
• A lawyer and the Texas Attorney General come to
Camp Green Lake to tell Stanley he is free to go.
• The Warden tries to take the suitcase that Zero
and Stanley found but Zero says that the suitcase
belongs to Stanley because it has his name on it.
• Stanley did not want to leave Camp Green Lake
without Zero because he thinks they will kill him.
• The lawyer takes Stanley and Zero away from
Camp Green Lake.
• Stanley learns that his father had invented a
product that helps smelly feet.
Chapter 50
• Camp Green Lake was closed and the Warden
had to sell the land.
• There were jewels and stock certificates in the
• Zero and Stanley each received around
• Stanley’s dad named his new product
“Sploosh” and made a lot of money.
• Zero found his mother.

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