Sample Projects

Winners of Samsung Innovation Awards 2012
Zumble .com (IIT Delhi)
An app (TBC) that finds strangers who share
common interests with you so that you can
have an anonymous, fun-filled yet meaningful
chat with them. You and the stranger can then
tag each other that over time creates your
avatar. The project also aims at using NLP &
sentiment mining to match strangers better
and enrich avatars. in finding the right
heuristics to match strangers or in keeping the
ecosystem safe from profanity. Thus, a user’s
identity is shaped not only by his own actions
but also by his interactions with others.
Team: Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Mr. Devashish
Tyagi, Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Mr. Sherjil Ozair ,
Mr. Utkarsh
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Niladri Chatarjee
Winners of Samsung Innovation Awards 2012
“Drishti: The Universal Eye Glasses” (IIT
Develop universal eyeglasses using tunablefocus lens system and an intelligence module
which will quantify refractive errors without
human intervention.
Team : Mr. Bhushan N. Kharbikar, Mr. Nitin T.
Pawar, Mr. Ajay V. Suryavanshi, Ms. Chaitali
Faculty Adviser; Dr. Rohit Srivastava
Winners of Samsung Innovation Awards 2012
Computationally Light Audio based Semantic
Analysis Tool (CLASAT) (IIT Kanpur)
CLASAT is an under-development audio based
context and event recognition system for
Platform which extracts information about the
environment in which the audio has been
recorded e.g. whether the environment is a
market place, a park or a bus stand. The most
surveillance system like anti-theft alarm or
baby-nanny app, a system for monitoring heart
beats of arrhythmia patient, live phone-call
audio analysis and many more.
Team: Mr. Anurag Kumar, Mr. Pranay Dighe
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