AIM: How will Lorraine and John remember Mr. Pignati?

AIM: How will Lorraine and
John remember Mr. Pignati?
Do Now: Free Write: In a few sentences,
explain what the loss of a person or pet
means to you.
What is a Eulogy?
noun, plural eulogies
Origin: from eulogia, Classical Greek for
"praise“ or “blessing”
is a speech or writing in praise of a person(s) or
pet(s) who have passed away.
What is a Picture
a collection of pictures, words or phrases
honoring a person who has passed away
The Bucket List
Mr. Pignati’s Memorial
You are sitting in a group of four (if you are in a group of three I
will come over and speak with you).
In your group you will:
 choose a partner and decide if the two of you will:
write Mr. Pignati’s Eulogy OR create Mr. Pignati’s Picture
ONLY two partners will write and ONLY two will draw.
I will assign your group of four to either John or Lorraine.
For Homework:
Think of something that you would want to
leave for Mr. Pignati and bring it in.

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