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By E. B. White
Retold by Room 214
Mr. Arable wants to kill Wilbur. But Fern
keeps her father from killing him. Fern said if
I was small would you kill me.
Fern named her pig Wilbur. Avery wanted to have a pig now.
Fern fed Wilbur with a really little bottle. Wilbur looked just
like a white rat.
In chapter two Fern, Mrs. Arable’s daughter, named this pig. Mr.
Arable was going to kill the runt. Fern stopped her father from
killing the runt. Fern named the pig Wilbur. Fern and Wilbur did
every thing together . Like every morning Wilbur walked out to the
road with Fern. If Fern went into the house, Wilbur went too. If
Fern went upstairs Wilbur went to.
Wilbur escaped out of the pig pen. Wilbur stopped then he
smelled some slops.
Wilbur was lonely so he tried to escape from the barn. He ran
through the field and tripped Lurvy and Mr. Zuckerman had
slops and Wilbur loved slops so he followed Mr. Zuckerman
into the barn.
Wilbur is sad because he does not have a friend. Then one night
Wilbur heard a voice, the voice said, I will be your friend. Now go
to sleep. You will see me in the morning.
Charlotte is about to meet Wilbur . Wilbur woke up earlier than
Charlotte. But later on Charlotte woke up and met Wilbur.
In pages 37- 41 Wilbur found a new friend. Wilbur’s new
friend was a spider named Charlotte. Charlotte was a trapper
like her mother. She found a fly in her web and ate it. She
told Wilbur that she actually drinks it’s blood. He thought
that was cruel, but he still liked her anyway.
It is summer time and Fern is out of school. Fern comes out and
talks with the animals. Wilbur loves to watch the birds flying by
the trees and bushes.
This Chapter is about Wilbur getting fattened up with food. The
old sheep told him it was because he was going to be killed. This
made Wilbur really sad, but Charlotte was going to save him.
Fern is telling her mom and dad about the animals. Mrs. Arable
was worried about Fern.
Charlotte sais that a web is very strong. Charlotte was laughing
because Wilbur asked if he could spin a web but Charlotte said you
haft to have spinnerets. Wilbur climb on to the manure pile and
jumped in to the air. Wilbur had to have three big meals a day.
Charlotte sais something is not nothing.
Charlotte told Wilbur what sedentary means. She said that its to
sit still a good of time. Then a sheep said that Wilbur smells bad.
Wilbur started to cry because the sheep said that he smells bad.
Charlotte said to leave him alone.
Hannah T.
An Explosion
The Explosion was from a rotten egg it smelled terrible. Avery broke the
egg because he fell on it. Templeton lost his rotten egg.
Charlotte’s life was saved! Lurvy dropped Wilbur’s bucket of
slops and said “a’shoulda known a rat would build a nest under a
trough” said Lurvy.
When Lurvy sloped Wilbur he saw the words in a spider web Some
Pig. Lurvy told Mr. Zuckerman about the web and Mr. Zuckerman
told Mrs. Zuckerman and she said “I think you have it wrong I think
you have an unusual spider.” Mr. Zuckerman thinks Wilbur is a
wonder pig. Charlotte’s trick is working.
Hannah K
Lurvy and Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman were all standing for an
hour reading the words on the web over and over. They were
staring at Wilbur too. A miracle had happened and a sign had
occurred here on earth, right on their farm , and they have an
ordinary pig. The web said “some pig”.
All the animals met up at the barn. Everybody was there
except Templeton. The goose said we should write
TERRIFIC in the web.
Jack K
At night Charlotte worked on her web ripping the orb lines
out. She was putting in the word TERRIFIC. And after it was
done Lurvy came down to feed Wilbur and saw the word
TERRIFIC and rushed to tell the Zuckerman's and the
Hannah L.
Charlotte’s second word was TERRIFIC. When Templeton
brought the first paper it said, crunchy. When Wilbur was
sleeping Charlotte told him stories.
Wilbur was about to go to sleep and Charlotte told him a
story about her cousin fighting a fish! Charlotte told him that
because Wilbur asked Charlotte to. It was very nice of
Charlotte to tell Wilbur a story. Charlotte’s a true friend!
Mrs. Arable is worried about Fern talking to animals . Dr.
Dorian said children have better hearing than adults. He
asked her how Avery was doing and she said that he’s fine.
Andrew M.
The crickets sang that summer was over and can not last
forever. Charlotte knew that in a few days she would have to
drop everything and build an egg sack for her babies.
In the book Charlotte’s Web, chapter 16, which was called Off
to the Fair, everyone gets ready for the county fair. Fern puts
on a pretty dress, Mrs. Arable does Avery’s hair, Mr. Arable
polished his truck, and Mrs. Zuckerman gives Wilbur a
buttermilk bath. Everybody got up early that day. Even the
animals got up at broad daylight!
Everybody went to bed early. The families dreamed good and
some bad dreams. They all got up early in the morning and put
Wilbur in the crate and went to the fair.
Sarah R.
The Zuckerman's and Arable's arrive at the fairgrounds.
Fern and Avery get money from their parents and go to
explore. Wilbur got unloaded from his crate and likes his
new pigpen.
Charlotte finds a pig named Uncle. Charlotte was telling
Wilbur that Uncle the pig had a unattractive personality, too
familiar, too noisy, and he cracks weak jokes.
Templeton awoke and saw that Wilbur was asleep and went
exploring. Charlotte called after him “Bring me back a word.”
Templeton found the word “Humble “ in a news paper with food
in it.
When Wilbur awoke he saw a curious object, it was an egg sac.
Inside it was five hundred and fourteen eggs . Charlotte said
she was never going to see her children . Templeton passed by
Uncle’s pen and he saw a blue tag . People came to Wilbur’s pen
and saw the word humble on a spiders web.
Charlotte is a mother to 514 babies, and made a web that says
“Humble.” Also they found out that the pig, Uncle already won
first prize.
It took place at the Fair.
At the Fair, a medal was presented to Wilbur for being
such a great pig. Also Mr. Zuckerman was going to win money.
The whole crowd started cheering and suddenly Wilbur
collapsed, mind blank, and unconscious.
Chapter 20, An Hour Of Triumph
Y-Tien Pham
Charlotte thinks that Wilbur will live a great life and not die.
Wilbur thinks that Charlotte is very ill. He also thinks that
Charlotte will not see her babies and be very sad.
On the last day Charlotte dies, but Wilbur wants to save her
babies. He really needed help because he couldn't climb. So he
got Templeton to do it. The egg sac was safe and Wilbur went
home with it and Templeton.
Charlotte died and Wilber had to take care of her babies.
Three stayed and some made balloons. Wilber was happy
that he had some friends. Their names were Joy and
Nellie and Aranea.
Wilbur looked at the egg sac. He saw something moving from
the egg sac. He looked closer and more came out. They were
spiders. They went to the fence and floated away. Wilbur said
“Come back I will not have any friends.” He cried himself
asleep. Then he heard a little voice it said “Salutations.”

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