Kindergarten Information Night Presentation

Braintree Kindergarten
Information Night
February 4, 2015
Welcome (Back?) to Kindergarten!
- a very special year
It is a joy to learn and grow with
our students.
It is a pleasure to be partners in
education with you.
Topics To Be Covered
This Evening
• Introductions
• Description of the Program
– Facilities
– Staffing
– Class Assignments
– Curriculum
– Transportation
– In order to enter school…
– Time Line
Who’s Who?
• Dr. Maureen Murray -Superintendent
• Elementary Principals
Dr. Nancy Pelletier – Highlands School
Mr. Tim MacDonald- Hollis School
Ms. Stacey Soto – Flaherty School
Ms. Ilana Bebchick – Liberty School
Mr. John Riordan – Morrison School
Ms. Donna Bonarrigo – Ross School
Ms. Donna Anderson – Monatiquot
School Kindergarten Center
• MSKC Parent – Kerrin Driscoll
Braintree Kindergarten
Monatiquot School
Kindergarten Center
25 Brow Avenue
• 12 classroom school – 7 half day, 7 full day, 1 D1
• 2 wings – bathrooms in each wing
• Main Office, Nurse’s Office, School Psychologist’s
• A Cafe-gym-a-torium
• Tables are up – it’s a gym or an auditorium
• Tables are down – it’s a cafeteria
• Small group instructional spaces
• Remedial Reading, ELL, Resource
• Speech
• OT and PT
• Large outside space for recess
A current classroom at MSKC
• We are committed to safety
• Monatiquot School Kindergarten
Center has the same security
features present in other schools
Locked doors
Cameras at the door
Visitor badges
Safety drills
CORIs required for volunteers
Community Police Officer
Administrative Assistant
School Psychologist
Specialists (Art, Music, P.E., Media)
SPED Team (O.T., P.T., Speech, Resource)
Experienced Kindergarten Teachers
Class Assignment
• We keep children clustered with peers
from elementary schools, but not just
one school in each room
• Half Day Students will be notified of
AM or PM session in late June
• You will be notified of your
kindergarten child’s teacher in August,
similar to students in grades 1-5
Two Additional Full Day Kindergarten Classes
• Hollis School – 482 Washington Street
Principal - Mr. Timothy MacDonald
• Morrison School – 260 Liberty Street
Principal – Mr. John Riordan
• Similar facilities, security, and staffing
• Identical curriculum
We are very pleased with the
kindergarten curriculum.
• Developmentally Appropriate
• Challenging
• Can be differentiated to meet
varying needs of our students
Math – Braintree has aligned our curriculum to the Common Core
ELA – Reading Street by Pearson/Scott Foresman
Science – Hands On Discovery
• Trees
• My Five Senses
• Properties of Matter
Social Studies
• Community
• Celebrations/Holidays
• Families
• Maps
Second Step – Skills for learning and conflict resolution
There will be more information shared about the
curriculum at Kindergarten Orientation in May, and
Open House Night in September.
Transportation for All Students
• Students will take bus or be
dropped off at their “home”
elementary school
• Upon arriving, they will go to
designated meeting area for
kindergarten students. This
area will be supervised by a
• Paraeducator will escort and
ride with students to MSKC
• Families may opt to walk or
drive their children to MSKC –
rolling valet service!
• At Monatiquot, board a bus
traveling to “home”
elementary school
• Paraeducator will escort
and ride with students to
“home” elementary school
• Follow clearly established
routine for transferring to
elementary bus
Midday Transportation
Morning kindergarten students (half day) are
dropped off at their homes (in some cases, very
close to) after school.
Afternoon kindergarten students (half day) are
picked up at their homes (in some cases, very close
to) before school.
Otherwise, “neighborhood bus stops” are used.
* Kindergarten students must be met at the bus
stop or at school by an authorized adult.
• Students develop familiarity with
elementary school
• Students ride to elementary schools
with older siblings
• Neighborhood bus stop
Surround Care
• This year at MSKC, there was enough interest in
B.A.S.E. to offer an on-site morning program, 7:00
A.M.-8:55 A.M. In the afternoon, B.A.S.E.
students depart MSKC by bus at 2:35 and travel
to B.A.S.E.’s Pond Street location. B.A.S.E.
supports all Braintree elementary schools.
• Children of America provides before school,
midday, and after school care. C.O.A. transports
students by van to and from their Granite Street
In order to enter school,
each child needs:
An Updated Physical
• Acceptable date 09/01/14- but prior to first day of school
Updated Immunizations
Hepatitis B
5 doses
4 doses
2 doses
3 doses
2 doses
Other information required:
• Lead screening by MD, with result and date as noted on physical exam
• Vision screening with stereopsis: In accordance with M.G.L. c. 71, s. 57,
upon entering kindergarten, the parent or guardian of each child shall
present certification that the student within the previous 12 months has
passed a vision screening conducted by his/her primary care provider or
eye specialist. There are two components of the kindergarten vision
screening: visual acuity and stereopsis. Please make sure both are
marked on the physical forms. For students who fail the screening and for
students diagnosed with neurodevelopmental delay, evidence of a
comprehensive eye examination by a vision specialist shall be provided to
the school.
• BPS Medical history form to be completed by parent/guardian
• Emergency information card
Kindergarten Lottery - January 22, 2015
Notification of Lottery results by email – Jan. 23, 2015
Kindergarten Information Night – February 4, 2015
Orientation Meeting For Parents – May, 2015
Notification of AM or PM Session – late spring or early
• Assignment letters – August, 2015
• Classroom visit and meet the teacher:
Kindergarten Story Hour– September 2, 2015
• Exact starting date of Kindergarten - September 3, 2015
Payment Schedule for FDK
March 1 – $300 deposit
April 1 – $450 Remainder of first quarter payment due
July 1 - $750 2nd Quarter Payment due
Oct. 1 - $750 3rd Quarter Payment due
Jan. 15 - $750 4th Quarter Payment due
Payment Options: We are able to offer the options of paying tuition by credit
card and electronic check, in addition to personal check or cash. If you are
paying by credit card or electronic check, go to the following website for
more information and to set-up an account
( There is a convenience fee for credit
card use and electronic payments.
Thank You!
Thank you for attending our
Kindergarten Information Night!
We look forward to working with you and your children
during the coming year.
You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you
can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will
continue the learning process as long as he lives.
~Clay P. Bedford

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