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Flat Stanley
My favourite chapters
Prepared by Nikita Rodionov
New York, the United States
January 01,1926
December 03,2003
Hollywood, as editor and
“Flat Stanley” was first published in 1964
Chapter 1
The Big Bulletin
Breakfast was ready. Mrs. Lambshop
wanted to wake the boys up. Suddenly
her young son Author screamed. Mr.
and Mrs. Lambchop hurried to the
boys' bedroom where they found
Stanley and Author. Stanley was under
a bulletin board which Mr. Lambchop
bought to pin their pictures on. Stanley
was flat.
After breakfast they went to see the
doctor. Mr. Dan examined Stanley and
found nothing worry about. Stanley
felt well.
So, Mr.Lambchop, Mrs. Lambchop and
their sons went to the tailor and got
measurements. Stanley was thin and
he needed new clothes.
4 feet tall = 122
cm tall
1 foot wide =
30 cm
½ inch thick =
1,3 cm
Chapter 2
Being Flat
Stanley enjoyed being flat. He could go in and out of
the rooms when they were closed. Stanley found it
helpful. His parents said that it was silly but they
were proud of him.
One afternoon Mrs. Lambchop took Stanley for a
walk. Suddenly her ring slipped from the finger and
fell through the bars into the shaft.
Mrs. Lambchop started to cry.
Stanley had an idea. He got
laces from his shoes and extra
lace from his pocket and tied
Then he gave one end to his mother and the other
one he tied to his belt. Mrs. Lambchop lowered
him. Two policemen stared at her and laughed.
"Are you playing with your yo-yo?" At that
moment Stanley asked her to raise him. The
policemen apologized because they were hasty.
One day Stanley got a letter from his friend
Antony Jeffrey. He lived in California. Stanley
wanted to visit his friend. Mr. Lambchop
bought an envelope and Stanley slid in it.
There was room in the envelope and Mrs.
Lambchop put an egg-salad sandwich and a
toothbrush case full of milk.
Stanley spent great time in California. Antony put
Stanley in a new envelope and wrote "Valuable"
and "Fragile" and "This End Up" on both sides.
Stanley came home safe. He was happy.
Chapter 4
The Museum Thieves
One day Stanley opened the door and saw
Mr. Dart who was standing at the elevator.
Every day Mr. Dart was cheerful but that
day he was gloomy. Stanley asked him
what happened with him and Mr. Dart told
him what had happened.
Sneak thieves went to the museum and
stole his picture. “Today I think they will
come to the museum and take the most
important and expensive picture but the
guards can’t catch them.” Stanley went to
his mother and took permission. So
Stanley and Mr. Dart went to the museum
and Stanley wanted to put on his disguise,
but Mr. Dart brought his shepherdess
disguise and put on this disguise on
Stanley. Stanley looked like a girl. Mr. Dart
put some spikes on the wall and Stanley
could be in the picture all the time. Stanley
really looked like a shepherdess. So Mr.
Dart left the museum and Stanley stayed.
At night he heard noises and saw yellow
light of a torch. The thieves were there.
They had a secret door in the floor of the
hall. One thief looked at Stanley and
said: “The shepherdess must smile, but
this shepherdess doesn’t, she looks
strange.” Stanley smiled and the other
thief said that the shepherdess looked
friendly, like a girl. Stanley felt disgusted.
When the thieves took the picture he shouted:
“Police! Police!” The thieves were so scared that
they couldn’t move. The police came and put on
the hand-cuffs on the thieves. That day Flat
Stanley was in the newspapers. He became
The End

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