Roald Dahl Assignment - Pitt Town Public School

Roald Dahl was born on 13 September 1916 in Llandaff, Wales to Norwegian parents.
Roald’s father and sister died when he was 3 years old. His mother Sofie was left to raise
her 4 children Alfhild, Roald, Else and Asta plus 2 stepchildren. From an early age Roald
loved books and his mother was a great story teller. Roald kept a diary from the age of 8
and would hide it from his sisters at the top of a large tree, he would climb up to the top
of the tree and would make entries in his diary.
Roald attended Llandaff Cathedral School but had an unhappy time at school.
Roald and his friends would visit the local sweet shop, gazing through the
window at the large assortment of lollies in jars. From the age of 9 Roald
attended St Peter’s boarding school which he liked even less. Miss Trunchball
a character from his book Matilda was based on the Matron at St Peter’s, she
had a dislike for small children and would wield her cane.
A young
Roald Dahl
BIOGRAPHY continued
When Roald was 13 he attended Repton a public school in Derbyshire where he excelled at
sports. His english teacher said that he “was quite incapable of marshalling his thoughts on
paper”. This school was situated near the Cadbury factory which was his inspiration for
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Roald Dahl was married twice, his first wife was Patricia Neal, they had 5 children; Olivia,
Theo, Tessa, Ophelia and Lucy. Roald and Patricia divorced in 1972. Patricia suffered 3
strokes when she was pregnant with Lucy she made a full recovery and had a healthy
Sadly Roald has endured sadness his eldest daughter Olivia died at the age of
7 from measles that developed into encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).
Theo, Roald’s son was brain damaged after a road accident at the age of 4
Roald and first wife
Patricia Neal
BIOGRAPHY continued
Roald married second wife Felicity Crosland in 1983, although they were born in the same
street in Llandaff they did not meet until 1972. A few months before his own death, his
stepdaughter Lorina died of a brain tumour.
Roald gave time and money to help people in need throughout his life,
he died the Roald Dahl was set up by Felicity to continue his tradition
helping children in the areas of Literacy, Neurology (because his family had been
badly affected by problems in this area) and Haematology because Roald himself suffered
from a blood disorder Myelo-dysplastic anaemia.
Roald died 23 November 1990 aged 74
Felicity Crosland
BFG (1982)
James and the Giant Peach
Charlie and the chocolate factory
The Magic Finger
Charlie and the great glass elevator
Danny the champion of the world
The Minpins
Dirty Beasts
Revolting Rhymes
The Enormous Crocodile
The Roald Dahl Treasury
Esio Trot
The Twits
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Witches
George’s marvellous medicine
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More
The Giraffe and the pelly and Me
The Gremlins
Non Fiction
Film Scripts
The Midenhall Treasure
The Gremlins
Boy – Tales of Childhood
Going Solo
36 Hours
Memories with food at Gypsy House
You Only Live Twice
Roald Dahl’s guide to railway safety
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
My year
The Night Digger
Willy Wonker and the Chocolate
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Sometime Never: A Fable for Supermen
My Uncle Oswald
Over To You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying
Someone Like You
Lamb to the Slaughter
Kiss Kiss
Twenty-Nine Kisses from Roald Dahl
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More
The Best of Roald Dahl
Tales of the Unexpected
More Tales of the Unexpected
Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories
The Roald Dahl Omnibus
Two Fables – Princess and the Poacher & Princess Mammalia
“Boy” is a fascinating memoir of Roald Dahl’s
childhood. One of the most intriguing aspects of
this book is that you can see the real events and
preoccupations that shaped Dahl’s fiction writing.
As Anne Faundez writes in Junior Education, “His
delight in the sweet shop and in chocolate bars,
his fascination with flying, his interest in nature
and his brush with bullying and corporal
punishment are just some of the personal
experiences with stayed with him and which he
wove into his stories.” The book features many
black-white photo and extracts from letters in
Roald Dahl’s own handwriting.
Chapter Summaries for Fantastic Mr Fox
Chapter One - The Three Farmers
There three farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. They each own a farm. Boggis was a chicken farmer, Bunce
was a duck and goose farmer and Bean was a turkey and apple farmer.
Chapter Two - Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox lived in a hole in the woods near a huge tree in a hole with Mrs. Fox and their 4 small foxes.
Mr Fox went to go and get some food for his family. The three farmers made a plan that they would find
the hole that the foxes live in and shot them.
Chapter Three - The Shooting
Mr Fox and Mrs. Fox decided to have duck for dinner. Mr. Fox crept out of their hole and went to bunces
duck and goose house. Mr. Fox saw a barrel gun. He bolted back to his hole, but he wasn’t quick enough
one of the farmers shot his tail.
Chapter Four - The Terrible Shovels
Mr. Fox couldn’t sleep because of his tail. He sat there and got a fright because he heard a shovel digging
through the roof of their hole. Everyone jumped and was panicking then they began digging as fast as they
possibly could.
Chapter Summaries for Fantastic Mr Fox
Chapter Five - The Terrible Tractors
The three farmers kept digging until morning, they still had not come the foxes. The three farmers decided
to use tractors to dig them out. It wasn’t long before they could see daylight.
Chapter Six - The Race
Now there was race between the machines and the foxes. The farmers didn’t stop for lunch because they
were too keen to find the foxes. People in the village were crowding around the hole and looking at the
huge hole.
Chapter Seven - We’ll Never Let Him Go
The farmers that drove the tractors had, had enough of driving the tractors but they said that they will
definitely not let the foxes go!
Chapter Eight - The Foxes Began to Starve
The three farmers put up their tents and they each had their food while waiting for the foxes to come out
of their hole or starve. The farmers turned on the powerful tractor headlights and waited… The foxes
were so hungry. Bunce had thirty six men working at his farm, Boggis had thirty-five and bean had thirtyseven together that’s one hundred and eight, so then there was one hundred and eight men watching and
waiting for the foxes to come out of the hole.
Chapter Summaries for Fantastic Mr Fox
Chapter nine - Mr Fox Has a Plan
Three days later the three farmers waited and waited and waited for the foxes to come out of the hole.
Down in the hole the foxes for slowly but surely starving to death. Mr. Fox had a good idea, it was that
they needed to keep digging to somewhere.
Chapter ten– Boggis’ Chicken House Number One
Mr. Fox said to the other foxes to dig in a special direction. The four foxes and Mr. Fox stopped digging
and Mr. Fox felt wooden planks above them and he lifted one of them and they went into Boggis’s chicken
house number one. Mr. Fox was very happy, Mr. Fox took three plump looking chooks and went back to
Mrs. Fox.
Chapter eleven– A Surprise for Mr Fox
One of the small foxes ran back to Mrs. Fox as fast as he could and told her that they had food and they
wouldn’t starve. They were all very excited.
Chapter twelve– Badger
The three other foxes and Mr. Fox dug back fast and straight back to the others. They heard a deep voice
that said “Who goes there?” The foxes jumped. They looked up and saw a black fury face, it was Badger.
Badger told them that can’t go out of their hole because the farmers are watching them as well and that
they are all dying of hunger. So Mr. Fox decided to invite them to their big feast, and Badger’s friends.
Chapter Summaries for Fantastic Mr Fox
Chapter Thirteen - Bunce’s Giant Storehouse
Badger, the four small foxes and Mr. Fox dug to Bunce’s giant storehouse and took four plump young ducks,
a few geese, a couple of nice smoked hams, and a side of bacon, then two of the smallest foxes went to
take the food back to their hole and.
Chapter Fourteen - Badger Has Doubts
There was only the smallest fox of them all, Badger and Mr. Fox. They are going to get some apple cider
from Bean. Mr. Fox got to a brick wall instead of wooden planks.
Chapter Fifteen - Bean’s Secret Cider Cellar
Mr. Fox pulled away the brick, Mr. Rat popped his head out and he told them to go away. Mr. Fox
threatened him and then the rat moved out of the way. Mr. Fox, Badger and the small fox went into Bean’s
secret cider cellar they each tried some cider and then they heard a woman’s voice they were very nervous,
and tense.
Chapter Sixteen - The Woman
They all hid very quickly. The woman was Mabel, Bean’s daughter. She was getting two jars of cider for
Bean. Badger, the small fox and Mr. Fox hid behind two jars of cider. Mabel reached out and grabbed for
the two jars next to where Badger, the small fox and Mr. Fox were hiding.
Chapter Summaries for Fantastic Mr Fox
Chapter Seventeen - The Great Feast
Badger, the small fox and Mr. Fox went back to their hole. They were so hungry they already started the
feast. Mrs. Fox called out, “A toast” she wanted to tell everyone what a great fox Mr. Fox was. They all
clapped and cheered and kept tucking into their dinner.
Chapter Eighteen - Still Waiting
The three farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean and the other one hundred and eight workers were still
waiting. And since then the farmers are still waiting for the foxes to come out of the hole. They have been
taking food from their farms without them knowing.
Mr Fox, he is the main character off Fantastic Mr
Fox. Mr Fox is a really nice Fox. He cares about
his family and he will risk anything to save his
family and close friends.
Boggis, Bunce and Bean – one fat, one short, one
lean. These are the farmers and are the meanest
horrible crooks so different in looks were none the
less equally mean.
In fantastic Mr Fox there is
no made up language.
Fantastic by name
Fantastic by nature
Genuinely original …
touching, hilarious
and unforgettable
Fantastic Mr. Fox is a
wonderful story that
makes you laugh.
Child to adults will
enjoy this book.
Anyone with a sense
of humour will love
this book as much as
I do!
Boggis, Bunce and Bean are the nastiest three farmers you could ever meet.
They hate Mr Fox and plan to shoot, starve or dig him out of his hole. But Mr
Fox is much cleverer than they are and he has a cunning plan of his own.
Read “Fantastic Mr. Fox” today!
Wins Edgar Allen Poe award and Mystery Writers of America award.
Wins second Edgar Allan Poe Award and second Mystery Writers of America
Wins New England Round Table of Children's Librarians Award for Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory
Wins Surrey School award for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Wins Surrey School award for Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Wins Nene award for Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and Surrey School
award for Danny and the Champion of the World.
Wins California Young Reader Medal for Danny and the Champion of the World
Wins third Mystery Writers of America award.
Wins Federation of Children's Book Groups Award for The BFG and
Massachusetts Children's Award for James and the Giant Peach
Wins New York Times Outstanding Books Award, Federation of Children's Book
Groups Award, and Whitbread Award all for The Witches. Also wins World
Fantasy Convention Lifetime Achievement Award.
Wins Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis for The BFG
Wins Kurt Maschler award runner–up for The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me and
Boston Globe / Horn Book nonfiction honor citation for Boy – Tales of Childhood
Wins West Australian Award for The Witches and International Board on Books for
Young People awards for Norwegian and German translations for The BFG
Wins Federation of Children's Book Groups Award for Matilda
Wins Smarties Award for Esio Trot
Wins Good Book Guide "Best Books of the Past 20 Years" for The BFG
Matilda voted "Nation's Favorite Children's Book" in BBC Bookworm Poll.
Wins Millennium Children's Book Award and Blue Peter Book Award for Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory

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