Mr. burke is berserk! By:Dan Gutman

BY : Dan Gutman
AJ , Andrea, Ryan, Michel, and
Emily (cry baby), Mr. Klutz , Mr.
Burke , and Mayor Hubble !
Oh and of course,
the teachers!!!!
Mr. Burke cuts the grass, trims
bushes and does landscaping
around the school. He’s already
done a race. So what now? What
is he doing digging under the
monkey bars?
Chapters 1 , 2 ,3 , and 4
 Ch.1: Mr. Klutz and Mr. Burke had a race at the
playground!!! NO, NOT WITH RACE CARS!
With……lawn mowers !!! Who won?
 Ch.2,3,4: Mr. Klutz was going to a principal camp. So the
vice principal was in charge. The students gave a big hand
of applause for their mayor , Mayor Hubble, but something
was wrong!
It turned out the bad news was that they were
running out of money!!!
Then mayor Hubble decide to make cuts! He said to
cut either music, PE, art , science , or computer !
What will he cut ? ALL THE TEACHERS WERE
CH 6 ,7 :
Mr. Burke came in , and didn’t
know what was going on. And
you know what? Mayor Hubble
fired him!!!!
Mr. Burke was upset , but he
had other plans!
CH 8 and 9 :gilver!!!
 CH 8 : All the kids were wondering why Mr. Burke was
digging! Was it gold or silver or both? I can’t tell you
but if you read this book you’ll find out !
 CH 9 : The teachers saw what Mr. Burke was doing so
they did it to! And you wouldn’t believe what just
happened!!!! It became a GOLD RUSH!!!!
 AJ wonders “Why do people say that violins are BAD
for you?”(kids)but what people mean is ….. Violence!!
In my opinion it is all a crazy day from a school that is
called Ella Mentry School!
 Mayor Hubble saw what was there but you wouldn’t
believe who just came! It was Kluts! Mr. Kluts saw what
the problem was so both mayor and principle had a
duel! Who will win?
 There many kinds of these books .You can find them at
the library!
Now it’s your turn to try!!!!
This took a few days to do, but I had a lot of fun!!
created by : Ellenah Hang

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