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Sgt. Francisco Barrientes
Sgt. Francisco Barrientes
was born on December 5, 1947 in
Edinburg, Texas. He attended Edinburg
schools and is a 1968 Edinburg graduate.
Mr. Barrientes served in the United States Army from
August 5, 1968 – June 1, 1971.
He also served in the Republic of Vietnam from
January 12, 1969 - July 13, 1969. He was 21 years old.
Gun Squad… All made it back alive.
Mr. Barrientes washed pots
and pans that needed to be
ready before dinner time.
On May 5, 1969, a hand grenade struck his leg leaving
him injured. However, this did not discourage him
from returning to the frontlines. In addition, he
received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.
On June 20, 1969, tragedy struck again. Sgt. Barrientes
received an AK47 gunshot to the face leaving him severely
He is now left without an esophagus and with damaged
vocal chords. Since 1969, he has lived a very different
Since then he has been unable to eat or drink by mouth. He
requires an alternate means of nutrition which is provided
through a feeding tube attached to his abdomen.
After seven and a half long and painful years of
medical attention, he returned back home to
Edinburg, Texas.
On September 2, 1972, he married
Martha Galindo. They have three children:
Leonel Eduardo, Jose Francisco, and
Lucy Marie.
Jose Francisco, Lucy Marie, Mr. & Mrs. Barrientes, Leonel Edwardo
Mr. Barrientes with his brothers
and sisters.
His Faith and Devotion…
Mr. Barrientes has volunteered at Holy
Family Catholic Church since 1971.
He actively participates in
coordinating the altar
services, CCD classes, and
assists the priest in
overseeing the church's
organizations and events.
Edinburg Schools…
Mr. Barrientes has left his fingerprints on the
hearts of so many children in the Edinburg
School District.
This is just a glimpse of what Mr. Barrientes does for
the children of our district. His dedication and time
given to the community is immeasurable. He has over
21,000 volunteer hours.
Mr. Barrientes participates at Edinburg
Schools on Veteran’s Day programs.
Due to his commitment to students and the future generations of Edinburg, he was
honored with numerous awards:
“Heroes for Children” given by Texas Education Agency, and
“Certificate of Recognition” given by The State of Texas House of Representatives.
Mr. Barrientes is a respected individual who has won
the hearts of our community. He fosters in everyone an
appreciation for life. He passionately instills in children
his motto, “Stay in school and get a good education,
appreciate what you have, and don’t take it for
granted”. He is a committed and dependable individual
who will continue to contribute to this All-American
City of Edinburg.
“Its not really my life anymore. I believe that I was allowed to survive for a reason.”
-Sgt. Francisco Barrientes
He truly stands alone and is worthy and deserving of
having a new middle school named in his honor. It is
with great pleasure and honor that we present ….
Francisco Barrientes Middle School
Home of the Bearcats!!

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