Mr. Crabtree`s Algebra II Classroom Procedures PowerPoint

Algebra II: First Day of Class
Welcome to Mr.
Crabtree’s class!
We will learn to do
things you never
thought possible.
Your toughest class ever!
You will learn very
challenging math.
You all have the potential
to perform well.
I love to teach this class
and will enjoy teaching it
to all of you.
Introductions: Mr. Crabtree
Enjoy Problem
Solving (Math)
Love Teaching
Math (Yes, geeky)
Married to Joanna
Three Kids:
 Alayna
 Gwendolyn
 Lydia
Prompt To Class
Enter main door
Gather supplies
automaticity folder
Sit in your seat
Begin opener
On The Board
You will find:
 Plan of the Day
 Learning Target
 What we will be
 What you will know
by the end of class
 What to begin
when you arrive to
 What you need to
be prepared
Whole Classroom Instructions
See staff’s hand raised
and hear “I need your
attending skills.”
Stop what you are doing
Raise your hand
Give eye contact to staff
Quietly wait for
Ask questions to clarify
and validate
Making Requests
Asking a Question
 Raise hand
 Wait for teacher response
 Ask using what you know
Making Requests Continued…
Be sure to use the restroom before
Be sure to request administrators during
See requesting
“Voluntary Focus
Room Procedure”
Student Request for
Focus Room
Student shall respectfully request a focus room
from staff person, at appropriate time and place.
Explain purpose in a hallway conference.
Wait patiently and quietly for staff to call Focus
Room coordinator for availability.
When directed by staff,
report directly to Focus
Room with signed points.
When unavailable,
student and staff will have
hallway conference to
problem solve next steps.
Side Partner Breakout
Problem solving is much more
successfully done together.
Mr. Crabtree will say, “get with your side
Move your desk
Determine roles
Listen for the task
from Mr. Crabtree
White Boards
Mr. Crabtree will ask two students to hand out the
white boards and pen/erasers.
These students will hand these out one at a time.
Keep pen caps on until you hear, “Now write.”
Erase board completely
Return cap to pen
Hand materials back to
the students who first
brought you them.
Group Learning – Tribal Rules
Introduce self
Desk Touch
Decide roles
Use attending
Wah space
Move desks into a
circle facing
Move unused
desks to the walls
of the room
Listening Skills
Test Taking
Advanced Notice
 Pencil and
Calculator permitted
 Cue cards
 Individual work
“Show what you know”
 No Surprises
 Essential to grade
Completed Work
Please, please, please don’t hand it to
 Write your name and date at top.
 Review to ensure completion.
 Put in the completed work
tray on my desk.
Classroom Rules
1) Be prompt to
2) Use respectful
words, tone and
body language.
3) Participate to
your full capacity.
Dismissal from Class
Mr. Crabtree will get the class’ attention. Wrap-up
tasks will be given at this time.
 Complete your wrap-up tasks
 Wait for Mr. Crabtree to conference with each on
process point earnings.
 When Mr. Crabtree says,
“Have a great rest of the day,”
you are welcome to leave to
your next class.

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